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Ever Adventure - Gear System Guide

Jun 3, 2019    
Ever Adventure - Gear System Guide

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Gear System Overview

The Gear System is a great way for players to improve their power. Aside from the quality of the gear itself, you can enhance, embed gems and transfer stats to make the gear more powerful. The appearance of the gear can be retained through the function, giving gamers the freedom to choose their favorite style.

Gear Enhancement

Players can use Enhancement Crystals to enhance their gear, thus improving gear stats and increasing character power.

Higher the gear’s enhancement level, better the enhancement effects, but it costs more enhancement crystals. When you switch gear of the same kind, your enhancement level and stat buffs are retained.

Gem Embed and Upgrade

There’s a total of 9 types of gems, each grant different attributes.

Any piece of gear can have anywhere from 1 to 4 gem slots, each slot requires a specific type of gem. Legendary gear has an omni-slot that can hold any type of gem.

After you slot gems to your gear, the stats from the gem will be added to your character.

Gems provide a substantial boost to a character’s power.

3 low level gems can be upgraded into a higher-level gem. If you use 3 of the same gem, you are guaranteed to get a higher level gem of the same kind. If 3 gems are of different kinds, then you will get a higher-level gem of one of the 3 kinds.

Stat Transfer

Every piece of gear has a chance of having extra attributes.

You can spend a certain amount of Crystal Coin to transfer stats from items of the same type and class to an already equipped item.

Extra stats are categorized into Normal, Magical, Elite, Epic and Legendary. Usually, higher quality means better stats. Some attributes with percentage growth might seem weak early on, but become more powerful as the base stat increases.

Gear Transmogrify

After gears are equipped, you can transmogrify them. You can choose what you want each part of your body to look like so that no matter what gear you have equipped, your appearance will always remain the same.