Dota Underlords – Victory Combinations and Tactics

Strategies from Dota Auto Chess are possible mismatches.

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Without Cards + Dicari + Killers + Posters

Killers quickly assembled and are able to destroy the enemy team in a few seconds. They also jump directly to enemy heroes, who inflict the main damage, do not allow them to inflict significant damage and cut them out before issuing significant abilities.

  • 6 killers get a 20% chance of critical attack 400% damage (combined with the ability to hit a mercy Phantom killer is a fatal blow).
  • 2 representatives of the heartless will remove -5 to the armor of all opponents on the field and the blows of the killers will be more painful.
  • 2 savages will give allies and themselves + 10% damage.
  • 2 scaly will give the allies and themselves + 30% to the resistance of magic, so that the team does not fall apart from the very first enemy abilities.

In the assembly, you can change the killers on the other, more accessible. The same Morfling looks very good. Even in the strategy there is a Sea tyrant, because he can only neutralize the whole enemy team and win enough time for the killers. But if the Sea tyrant does not fall out in the late game – feel free to change to any other high-level character.

What could be the problem:

  • Killers are often hard to kill neutrals.
  • The normal assembly of magicians can carry us very quickly.
  • Killing warriors is often problematic.

Warriors + Trolly

Warriors feel great at any stage of the game due to the large amount of health and armor. Among the warriors, there are also no rare heroes (orange), which makes their complete assembly available in the middle of the game and saves a lot of gold, which would be used to replace the creatures in the shop.

Collecting 9 warriors makes no special sense, because we will not receive any special gain, but we will begin to experience a severe lack of control or damage. It is better to stop at 6 warriors, which will give us +15 to armor soldiers.

Dilute the peak is worth other trolls, primarily the Shaman of the Shadows, the Flying Rider and the Witch Doctor. Since among the warriors we have
the Troll Warrior is already there, then there will be 4 heroes on the field. This will give us a maximum gain of +65 to the speed of the attack of trolls and +30 to the speed of attack of the other heroes.

The last place you can take Disraptora, he in conjunction with the shaman of the shadows will add an automatic turning into a frog for 6 seconds random enemy at the beginning of the battle, and his ability to static storm looks very strong, given that the warriors will keep enemies in the same area.

About peak tactics:

Ax holds enemies at one point, Tusk quickly deals good damage to solitary targets and helps to initiate, Juggernaut gives good damage to the area, Lycanthrop calls two wolves on the field and acts as an additional hero, causing damage to a large amount of health, Warrior Troll contributes a lot damage from the distance, the Executor turns off the nasty initiators (like the Temple Guardian) or casters. The remaining heroes are situational and serve for additional control. Two hexes of 4-8 seconds in the Sea Tyrant and the Fiend of Darkness completely reverse the game.

What we do not take in the peak of the warriors:

  • Scarce does not look like a team character. Throwing the enemy out of the current battle zone is not always a useful decision and often is the enemy’s salvation in general, especially if other allied heroes have already cast their abilities on the field or will cast them in the near future (there will be a wrong choice of target, for example, Disraptor can throw a static storm into the flown away enemy initiator, having lost the main batch).
  • Slardar is good, but quickly falls. In addition, caustic murk on opponents is not such a strong ability that may not bring any benefit at all.
  • Kunk is very situational and does not fall so often. But if the opponents are still gathering in a heap and you are lucky with the randomness – you can take Kunkka in the late game and make a replacement.

What are the disadvantages:

  • Knights create big problems.
  • Mages can endure from the beginning of the round, if you certainly did not have time to improve the Shaman of the Shadows and supplement the Disruptor.

Dragons + Druids + Incidental

Druids improve faster and cheaper.

Druid calls (ents, bear helper) create many problems for opponents at the beginning of the game and in the middle. Often, they not only cause significant damage, but also re-aggravate the enemies, merging their castes onto themselves.

If you quickly collect the Enchantress of the second and third improvements, you can relax for the first ten rounds. She is able to single-handedly initiate several characters due to the ability of the ministers of nature and inflict serious damage. Starting items can be given exactly to her.

You can add to the assembly dragons and elusive, or switch to savages.

  • 2 savages increase allies + 10% damage from attacks.
  • 6 elusive get + 45% dodge.
  • 3 dragons start a battle with full mana.
  • 3 killers get a 10% chance to critically hit 300% damage.
  • Antimag for insurance, can turn off the gain of demons.

Peak Weaknesses:

  • Druids in the late stage of the game sags heavily, because they do not have the useful passive ability of the alliance.
  • Heroes with summoned creatures do not in themselves do normal damage and do not initiate. The usefulness of these heroes is lost in the middle of the game.
  • Executer, Disraptor, Shaman of Shadows, even at low levels, are strong against the foundation of the build.

Dragons + Magi

Mages cause enormous damage, but at the same time they are not very popular in games now, which allows us to improve the necessary magicians without any problems.

  • 6 mages will shoot -100% to the resistance of the magic of enemies.
  • 3 dragons from the start of the battle will receive full mana and can quickly activate abilities.
  • Two first-born attacks, attacking the enemy in a close combat, will gain impotence for 4 seconds with a 30% chance.
  • 4 people with a 44% chance can put silence on the target for 4 seconds and win time for castes.

Crystal Maiden in the assembly – a controversial option, because the character itself is very weak. If everything is in order with mana – you can safely change the Crystal Maiden to something more interesting. There is also Enigma in the assembly, but its chance of falling out is very small, so you can also change it to intermediate heroes.

The biggest danger for the assembly – the killer. Against them need the right placement and a lot of luck.

Tears + Inventors + Black Books

The bounty hunter and the Watchmaker fall out from the very start of the game, so quickly attaching them will not be a problem. All the characters are strong, they will perfectly hold at any stage of the game and do great damage.

  • Six teasers will give us +15 to armor and +10 to restore health.
  • 3 inventors will give + 40 to restore health.
  • Total, without objects, any inventor will have +15 to armor and 50 to restore health – a significant advantage against any peak.

A bully can be diluted with warlocks, such as the Necrophos and Fiend of Darkness, which will give us + 15% vampirism (even more potential for initiation). You can also drop Abaddon to get a debut of -5 to armor to opponents.

Cons strategy:

  • Miner and Gyroletchik heroes of the fifth level. They fall out only in Leyte, very rarely and it is extremely difficult to push them.
  • The availability of inventors at the start will certainly lead to a lot of competition. This can greatly reduce the chance of dropping the right heroes for a stack.


The strategy is simple – at all stages of the game, we collect any knights we find and send them to the field in one pile.

  • 6 knights will receive 50% less physical and magical damage when they are within 1 radius of another knight.
  • You can complement the six knights by anyone (looking at the situation on the field). You can for example take two elusive and two people.
  • The elusive have a dodge gain + Guard of the temple and so is very tenacious due to refraction.
  • 2 people will have the ability with a chance of 20% to impose silence on the target for 4 seconds when a person attacks. People usually get mages with any abilities around the area, such as the Lightkeeper and Kunkku.

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