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One of the most epic heroes of legend, he inherits the lost lineage of the Descendants of Light. He loses his parents in childhood and embarks on an adventure by himself, sword in hand. By chance, he meets the apprentice mage Hein, and rescues Liana, the Maiden of Light. From there, he composes the legendary heroic epic of the Legion of Glory.

Hero Traits


His talent Brave’s Will increases the damage he deals when initiating combat, guaranteeing his damage-dealing potential, and it also gives him a chance to restore his HP after battle, which makes him a persistent and sustainable damage dealer.


Elwin is part of both the Empire’s Honor and the Legion of Glory factions. His Fusion Power should be your first choice when aiming to increase the damage dealt by the Legion of Glory.


Elwin’s Initial Skill [Sun Slash]

Allows him to deal 1.5 times damage, and restores HP after battle equal to 30% of damage dealt.

Fighter Class Skill [Detect]

This passive skill increases his Crit, which is relatively low by default, and it also gives him a chance to nullify the enemy’s passive skills when dealing damage.

Swordsman Class Skill [Roar]

Dispels two enemy buffs and decreases the enemy’s attack. When facing an enemy team with high attack power, Roar will increase Elwin’s survival rate. Roar has a pretty low cooldown and is a vital skill, especially when battling against the Thunder Dragon.

After being upgraded from Swordsman to Hero, he’ll gain access to two skills. One is Eternal Light, which is a Fusion Power of the Legion of Glory. When the HP of affected allies is above 80%, it increases their damage dealt by 15%. This does a great job of increasing the damage dealt by the Legion of Glory. The other is Sword Soul, which is the most powerful Infantry damage-dealing skill, allowing him to deal 1.8 times damage while dispelling five buffs from the enemy. It also ensures that the enemy cannot be healed. This is a very useful skill when battling an enemy team that depends on buffs to improve their stats.

Elwin’s Lancer path grants access to DEF Break once you transfer him to General. This gives him a 50% chance to reduce the enemy’s defense by 20% before battle. It’s a very useful skill, and I recommend transferring him to General to get DEF Break after he masters his Infantry class line.

You’ll get two more skills after you upgrade him from General to Grand Marshal. The first skill is Barb, which helps Elwin offensively when fixed damage is needed. The second skill is Frontal Assault, which adds 20% of his attack to his defense. This grants Elwin a bigger defense bonus and nullifies the enemy’s passive skills, making it a useful tool for increasing Elwin’s active attack survivability in addition to Roar.

Skill Combinations

Roar + Detect + Eternal Light

This combination is very useful in many stages and dungeons. His Fusion Power increases overall stats, Detect silences the enemy team’s passive skills, and Roar decreases the enemy’s ATK and dispels their buffs.

Frontal Assault + DEF Break + Eternal Light

Compared to the first skill set, Frontal Assault allows Elwin to deal more damage in the later stages of the game when his attack is higher. It’s a good choice when silencing skills are needed.

Sword Soul + DEF Break + Roar

I recommend that you choose this combination to deal with the Thunder Dragon. Both Sword Soul and Roar can dispel the dragon’s buffs.

Equipment Recommendations

Basic Equipment

SR Magic Blade Sigma:Increases his attack when he’s at high HP, making it a very useful basic weapon.

SR Dragon Scale Armor: This armor has a great HP bonus. Before he’s upgraded, Infantry Elwin doesn’t do too well against Mages, so I recommend you choose armor with a HP bonus.

SR Dragon Scale Helmet: Has the same effect as Dragon Scale Armor, and is recommended because HP is very important for Elwin in the early stages of the game.

SR Speed Boots: Elwin’s damage potential is relatively low in the early stages of the game, so equipping him with Speed Boots means he can be more flexible in battle.

Advanced Equipment

SSR Seal Guardian: Increases both attack and defense, and since these stats are very important for Elwin, Seal Guardian should be your first choice.

SSR Dragonslayer Gram: The must-have weapon when battling dragons, granting extra attack and defense.

SSR Aeolus’ Battle Armor: Has a chance to decrease damage taken when attacked from range, making it quite useful for Elwin.

SSR Aeneas’ Armor: A reward from the Battle of Honor event. This armor can significantly increase the sustainability granted by Elwin’s talent.

SSR Vampire Mask: Grants a great defense bonus and can reduce the enemy’s defense after taking action. This is the same effect granted by DEF Break and won’t stack with it.

SSR Winged Shin Guards: A reward from the Battle of Honor event after reaching Level 60.

SSR Spirit Boots: These compensate for Elwin’s innately-low mobility as an Infantry unit, and create more opportunities to deal damage.

Enchantment Recommendations

Rough Sea: Increases Elwin’s survival rate in battle.

Breeze: The best choice for Elwin. It gives him a chance to increase his mobility, which maximizes his attack range.

Meteor: Grants a Crit bonus, making it easier to trigger Detect. Meteor also allows him to deal extra damage when facing high-HP enemies.

Soldier Recommendations

The first recommendation is Masked Maids, which you can unlock in the Infantry Training Field. Their initial attack and defense stats are not bad, but they have low HP. Masked Maids sacrifice 10% of their HP to increase attack and defense before battle. This type of soldier requires some training, and suits only a few heroes, specifically heroes like Elwin.

The second soldier recommendation is for Heavy Infantry. You’ll unlock them after upgrading your Infantry Elwin to his final class, Hero. Heavy Infantry increase attack when you’re initiating combat, and increase defense when you’re attacked. This effect is very simple, but very useful. Since many heroes can use Heavy Infantry, I suggest you choose to upgrade either Masked Maids or Heavy Infantry to level 10 first according to your own lineup.

The third recommendation is for Phalanxes, which you will get after upgrading Elwin to Grand Marshal. Phalanxes can accompany many heroes and are a must-have if you choose to use a Legion of Glory lineup. Their skill decreases physical damage taken by 30%. I recommend you upgrade them to level 10.


In general, as a main Infantry hero and damage dealer of the Legion of Glory and Empire’s Honor factions, Elwin can provide amazing support to his teammates in the early stages of the game, then in the later stages, once he’s armed with advanced equipment, upgraded to a certain level, and his skill sets have been formed, he becomes a secondary damage dealer. Even though he won’t be as powerful as your key damage dealers, he can use many kinds of soldiers and has many skill combinations for you to choose from. So, when you upgrade Elwin, you should focus both on his damage dealing potential and his survivability. Don’t forget — Elwin’s HP and defense upgrades are equally important.

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