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As one of the four generals following Emperor Bernhardt, commanding the Blazing Dragon Corps, he is known as the “Valiant General.” Though he appears barbaric, in truth after years of training he has become quite cunning and an excellent tactician. He is deeply loved by his soldiers, as he always shares his joys and sorrows with his men.

Hero Traits


Vargas’s talent “Superhuman Bravery” reduces physical damage taken, and at six stars, Vargas’ physical damage reduction is increased by 30% at full HP. When dealt a fatal blow, Vargas can revive on the spot and restore 30% of his HP, enabling him to fight another day, even when focused by the enemy.


Vargas’ skills “Power Stab” and “Unbreakable Guardian” both convert his DEF into ATK, guaranteeing his damage while defending.


Initial Skill [Protect]

This passive skill serves Vargas well before he transfers to a more advanced class, reducing physical damage taken by 5%.

High Lord Skill [ATK Support]

This is a single-target passive skill that enhances the INT and ATK of a nearby ally and grants immunity to ATK and INT reduction effects, as well as effects that silence active skills. However, this ATK buff does not stack with Fusion Power effects and should only be used as a transitional skill in the early stages of the game.

Vargas’s third-tier Lancer and Infantry skills are excellent, and mastering these classes will grant a physical defense bonus that significantly affects his stats, so it is recommended that you use two Rune Stones to master his two third-tier classes.

Vanguard Skill [Unbreakable Guardian]

After transferring to Vanguard, Vargas obtains the Unbreakable Guardian skill, allowing him to protect adjacent allies from physical attacks. After activating this skill in battle, the range of this guarding effect increases to two blocks, and his chances of being critically hit are reduced by 20%, granting him a certain degree of protection against Assassins. After activating this skill, it also enables the Power Stab effect, changing ATK to 1.6x DEF. Needless to say, this is the core skill in Vargas’s arsenal.

After upgrading to Royal Vanguard, Vargas receives two skills. The first is Heavy Shield, Vargas’s first choice when it comes to passive skills. Heavy Shield has a chance to decrease Vargas’s damage taken when melee attacked by 50%, and works very well with his talent’s damage reduction effect. The second is Last Stand, a powerful skill that increases DEF and MDEF by 10% when HP is lower than 50%.

Gladiator Skill [ATK Intimidate]

This is Vargas’s third-tier Infantry class skill. After transferring him to Gladiator, Vargas gains the ATK Intimidate skill, a passive skill that reduces the ATK and INT of all enemies within 2 blocks by 15% at the end of each turn.

When upgraded to Brave, he obtains another two skills. The first is Battle Cry, a very rare and powerful passive effect. Before attacking an enemy, it dispels one of their buffs and decreases their ATK and DEF by 10%. It is recommended that you use this skill in conjunction with Power Stab.

The second skill of his Brave class is Power Stab, one of Vargas’s core skills, which attacks an enemy, dealing 1.5x damage and changes his ATK to 1.6x DEF. This skill is essential when aiming for a damage build.

Skill Combinations

Unbreakable Guardian, Heavy Shield, Last Stand

Unbreakable Guardian is essential for Vargas to serve as a tank, Heavy Shield has a chance to significantly decrease his damage taken, and Last Stand’s DEF and MDEF buff at low HP further increases his survivability. You can also replace Heavy Shield with ATK Intimidate to reduce the enemy’s damage according to the situation.

Unbreakable Guardian, Power Stab, Battle Cry

This set boasts increased damage potential, with Power Stab and Unbreakable Guardian allowing you to convert Vargas’s DEF into ATK.

Battle Cry also reduces the enemy’s ATK and DEF and dispels an enemy buff, thereby enhancing the damage Vargas deals to them.

Equipment Recommendations

Basic Equipment

SR Crescent Axe: Highly recommended, as it provides a DEF bonus of up to 10%, which is important for both DEF and Vargas’s ability to convert DEF into ATK.

SR Mithril Armor: Recommended for his basic armor, as it grants DEF, which again is Vargas’s most important stat.

SR Chain Helmet: Recommended for his basic helmet, providing a DEF bonus like his basic weapon and armor.

SR Icon:
Suitable for Vargas, as it provides a HP and DEF bonus, as well as increasing the amount of healing he receives.

Advanced Equipment

SSR Yggdrasil Branch: Grants a 10% DEF boost at max level and has a skill that ignores the enemy’s DEF in battle, which are both very good for Vargas

SSR Bloodline Magic Armor: Provides a HP and DEF bonus, and when attacked with a melee attack, it has a chance to reduce the damage Vargas takes. This makes a huge difference to Vargas, considering his innately low MDEF, and the damage reduction effect is very noticeable.

SSR Aeolus’ Battle Armor: This option also provides a HP and DEF bonus, as well as granting damage reduction when attacked from range. You can equip either of these depending on the situation.

SSR Vampire Mask: Increases DEF and has a chance to reduce the DEF of a nearby enemy after taking action, allowing your damage dealers to take them down more quickly.

SSR Divine Boots: Recommended due to the HP and DEF bonuses they provide, as well at the mobility they grant, which allows Vargas to be more flexible in battle.

SSR King Amulet: Can be acquired relatively easily in the course of the game and grants a HP and DEF bonus, as well as additional DEF and MDEF when a friendly unit is within a 2-block radius of Vargas.

Enchantment Recommendations

Hard Rock: Its 2-piece set bonus grants a DEF and MDEF bonus, while its 4-piece bonus grants a 50% chance to restore 15% HP after battle. This effect heals Vargas’s soldiers, making it particularly useful.

Tree of Life: Provides a 2-piece bonus of extra HP. Increased HP plays an important role in dealing with ranged magic damage and fixed damage, as well as improving the healing effect of Vargas’s talent. The four-piece bonus provide a DEF and MDEF buff to both Vargas and allies within 2 blocks.

Ice: Grants a 2-piece bonus of additional DEF and MDEF and a 4-piece bonus that can freeze attackers, rendering them unable to move for one round.

Soldier Recommendations

There are three kinds of soldiers that suit Vargas best. The first are Lava Titans, which are unlocked in the Lancer Training Field. They have good base stats and their skill inflicts a burn effect that burns enemies for up to 30% of their HP after taking action. This has its obvious advantages when dealing with high-HP enemies in PvE battles. The second type is the Stone Colossus, also unlocked in the Lancer Training Field, which takes less damage when it has lower HP. You should consider choosing to upgrade either your Lava Titans or Stone Colossi to level 10 as soon as possible. The third soldier recommendation is Guardian Infantry, which unlocks when Vargas upgrades to Royal Vanguard. Its skill increases DEF by up to 45% when soldier HP is above 80%. I recommend using them when facing more Infantry than Cavalry and leveling them up to level 5.


Generally speaking, upgrading Vargas to his fullest potential is not particularly demanding, and you mainly need to enhance his DEF and HP. After unlocking all of his Bonds, Vargas’s tankiness can reach the highest level in the game. You’ll eventually find yourself with an incredibly strong tank with both offensive and defensive capabilities to both fear and revere.

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