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Cherie is the Princess of Kalxath, the descendant of Lance and Narm, and a Descendant of Light.

Bored with her royal life, and unwilling to shoulder the burdens of royalty, she often slips out of the capital to travel alone to explore the outside world.

Hero Traits


Once you unlock the Path of Light event after reaching Level 5, all you need to do is accumulate a total of 60 event points and Cherie will be yours.


With her talent, Wild Princess, Cherie is able to reduce the damage she takes when fighting alone and can act again after killing an enemy. Once you upgrade Cherie to 6-Stars, her talent will only have a 2-turn cooldown.


Cherie’s Initial Skill [Lightning]

Lightning deals 1.5 times damage and has its cooldown refreshed when killing an enemy. Combined with her talent, she can deal 1.5 times damage twice in a single round, making her a persistent and deadly damage dealer.

Hawk Knight Skill [Legion]

This practical skill improves both defense and offense when unit HP is high, and gives you an even greater attack boost after reaching Lv. 60.

Dragon Knight Skill [Reinforcement]

When you upgrade Cherie from Hawk Knight to Dragon Knight, she learns Reinforcement, which restores her HP after taking action, keeping it high enough to continue benefiting from Legion’s effect. Reinforcement can also save Cherie from danger if your team lacks sufficient healing.

After Cherie is upgraded from Dragon Knight to Dragon Master, she gets two new skills: Galeforce Winds and Thunderbolt. Galeforce Winds allows her to deal damage to nearby enemies and debuff each target, an amazing skill when dealing with Goblins, while the latter, Cherie’s ultimate Flier skill, deals 1.6 times damage to a single target, and triggers the Gale and Windride effects for the next two turns after attacking — Gale gives Cherie a chance to attack again and Windride reduces the damage she takes when her HP is above 50%.

Skill Summary

To make Cherie a reliable damage dealer, you’ll have to master two of her final classes, but keeping her as a Flier is your best bet, as this will afford her high mobility on all kinds of terrain types. Also, neutralizing ranged heroes in melee combat is a key requirement for damage dealers, and Cherie excels at this particular role.

Skill Combinations

Lightning + Legion + Reinforcement

Legion grants higher damage, Lightning refreshes after killing enemies, and Reinforcement keeps HP high after attacking, and with Cherie’s talent, Lightning allows her to deal 1.5 times damage twice, making it a handy skill in both PVP and PVE.

Lightning + Reinforcement + Lightning Speed

The Gale buff granted by Thunderbolt allows Cherie to attack the same enemy twice in a single turn, so this set is a good choice when you need to take out your enemies quickly.

Lightning + Legion + Lightning Speed

The skill set capable of dealing the greatest damage among the three, with the combined power of her passive effects and talent.

Equipment Recommendations

Basic Equipment

SSR Last Knight

You can get this weapon from the Path of Light event. It is very useful in many stages and dungeons, and it’ll give Cherie a chance to reduce the damage she takes during combat. With this weapon available to you from the start of the game, you don’t even need to consider choosing an SR weapon.

SR Survival Vest

Increases Cherie’s DEF.

SR Performer Mask

This helmet has a chance to decrease the ATK and INT of a nearby enemy after taking action.

SR Assault Ring

Can be used by any character who deals physical damage, has an overall attack bonus, and is quite easy to come by.

Advanced Equipment

SSR Ragnarok

Gives Cherie an amazing basic attack power boost when it’s at maximum level. On top of that, it has the biggest attack bonus in the game. When Cherie is equipped with this weapon, she can deal fixed damage before battle, killing off the enemy’s soldiers before battle and thus reducing the amount of damage she takes.

SSR Peacemaker

This weapon comes with great attack stats and has a good chance to disable enemy passive skills, making it very useful in combat.

SSR Final Suit

This armor has amazing defensive stats and decreases damage taken by 40% when she’s at full HP, making it a very useful piece of equipment for Cherie.

SSR Jörmungandr’s Eye

Gives Cherie a chance to reduce the damage dealt by one nearby enemy after combat and is the best Flier helmet in the game.

SSR Overlord Badge

Comes with an overall stat boost and grants the wearer immunity from defense, attack, intelligence, and mobility reduction effects, making it incredibly versatile.

SSR Lone Star Armlet

Boasts the greatest attack stats of any accessory.

SSR Winged Shin Guards

You can get one of these when you reach Level 60. Winged Shin Guards are well-rounded, and as physical accessories, they can be used by many heroes, making them well worth upgrading.

Enchantment Recommendations

Rough Sea: Decreases the damage Cherie takes when she launches an attack. This enchantment is very important for a Flier like Cherie.

Full Moon: When Cherie’s HP is above 80%, Full Moon ensures a substantial increase in both attack and defense stats.

When Cherie attacks a unit with her HP above 60%, her damage will increase by 20% after entering battle. Since there’re some requirements for this enchantment that are not very easy to meet, it’s best suited to a 6-Star Cherie with full Bond Power.

Soldier Recommendations


Cherie should be the main damage dealer in any team she’s a part of, so Angels are the best choice for her. Angels at a high training level can be used in any situation. You can unlock Angels in the Flier Training Field. Their basic stats are very impressive, and when they reach maximum level, their attack and defense stats go through the roof. On top of that, they grant very high magic damage reduction.


Cherie is a hero that every Commander should prioritize upgrading. No matter whether she deals continuous damage or retreats after combat, one thing’s for sure, she’ll always present you with a high degree of strategic flexibility with her talent Wild Princess. Other than that, Cherie’s skills ensure her great damage dealing potential, as well as survivability, making her excellent on all fronts.

When you don’t have many heroes to choose from in the early stages of the game, you can develop a lineup based around Cherie, who comes as a bonus event gift. The Legion of Glory lineup, consisting of the three protagonists, Cherie, and Narm will serve you well, and later in the game, you can consider upgrading Cherie as your second key damage dealer. There’ll be plenty of chances for her to use her skills in dungeons, the Timeless Trial, or any of the game’s many challenging stages.

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