Ultimate Custom Night – Challenge Mode: Dee Dee Roulette

Surrender all control in this randomized custom gamemode for Ultimate Custom Night, where you’re completely at Dee Dee’s mercy!

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How to Play / Rules

Let’s taste death again… and again… and again – Nightmarionne.

  • Step 1: Set all animatronics to 0.
  • Step 2: Begin the night.

That’s it! Each night begins with no difficulty at all. Only two characters are capable of appearing when everything else is at 0: Rockstar Foxy, and the star of the show – Dee Dee herself.


  • Wait for Dee Dee’s arrival, and deal with whatever (or whoever) she throws your way.
  • So you don’t get lonely, you MUST click on Rockstar Foxy’s bird every time it appears in your office.
  • You must choose a gift from Rockstar Foxy. No fair holding him hostage!
  • There is no penalty for using the Death Coin. Score your night as normal.

Scoring Guide

Time to face the consequences of your failure… – Withered Bonnie.

Good Things:

  • 1 Point for the difficulty level of each character that Dee Dee summons.
  • 1 Point for every SUCCESSFUL interaction with Rockstar Foxy.
  • 5 Points for non-lethal exclusive characters (Lolbit, Minireena, Shadow Bonnie/RWQFSFASXC).
  • 10 Points for lethal exclusive characters (Plushtrap, Nightmare Chica, Bonnet).
  • 20 Points if XOR appears instead of Dee Dee.

Bad Things:

  • -1 Point for every time Rockstar Foxy’s bird appears but you do not click on it.
  • If Rockstar Foxy kills you, your score for the night becomes 0.
  • If any other character kills you, you lose points equal to that character’s difficulty level.
  • If you end the night (by holding ESC) before Dee Dee appears, your score for the night becomes 0.
  • If you end the night AFTER Dee Dee appears, you lose points equal to the difficulty level of each character that she summoned.
  • You get points for Rockstar Foxy ONLY if you survive the night, but failed interactions cause you to lose points regardless.


So, you may be asking yourself, how did I go from sitting by the falls drinking lemonade to being wedged in the air duct, not only with Orville, but with an entire assortment of fruity-colored friends? – Mr. Hippo.

How do I know what Dee Dee summoned?

That’s one of the fun parts: you DON’T! The first few seconds after Dee Dee’s summon is trying to figure out WHAT she brought onto the field.

Okay, so how do I know how many points I’m going to get?

At the end of the night, one or more of the animatronics (however many times Dee Dee showed up) will have a difficulty level set to it. Count those points. Alternately, you can count the number of points you get at the end of the night and divide them by 10.

Everything is still showing at level 0! How many points do I get?

That means Dee Dee brought in one of her exclusives (or you used the Death Coin)! If you saw that exclusive, award yourself either 5 or 10 points based on the above rules. If you never saw the challenger, award yourself 5 points because it likely wasn’t a lethal character.

What do I do if Dee Dee shows up more than once?

You get points for EVERYTHING she summons. So if she summons Foxy at level 10 and Mangle at level 9, you get 19 points for surviving the night.

What do I do if Dee Dee doesn’t appear?

You still get points by interacting with Rockstar Foxy. You can also choose to abort the night, but no points will be awarded.

What if Dee Dee increases Rockstar Foxy’s level? Do I get more points per interaction?

No. You get 1 point per successful interaction, and 1 point for each difficulty level of Rockstar Foxy. The only difference is that now the interactions are that much riskier.

What if I use the Death Coin? How can I tell how many points I get?

If you survive the night, the game awards you points for anything that was active AT ANY POINT. Simply take the points the game gave you, and divide them by 10 for your Dee Dee Roulette points.

What if I missed Rockstar Foxy’s bird because I was dealing with another animatronic?

That’s one of the challenges – you still lose a point! You lose a point for missing Foxy’s bird for any reason.

Tips and Tricks

The talented hawk hides his claws. – Pigpatch.

A few things to help you through your night:

Rockstar Foxy almost always appears immediately after Dee Dee. Make sure you click the bird BEFORE you run off in search of your new challenger!

These characters cannot kill you are are therefore “freebie points”:

  • Bonnie
  • Balloon Boy
  • JJ
  • Phantom Mangle
  • Phantom Freddy
  • Phantom Balloon Boy
  • Old Man Consequences
  • Trash and the Gang
  • Helpy
  • El Chip
  • Funtime Chica
  • Phone Guy

These characters are affected by the Death Coin:

  • Bonnie
  • Foxy
  • Toy Freddy
  • Marionette
  • Funtime Foxy
  • Rockstar Bonnie
  • Lefty
  • Golden Freddy*

*Only when set to level 1, but using the Death Coin in this case will result in instant death!

Certain cameras are only used by one or two animatronics, so a quick glance at them can help determine what Dee Dee brought with her:

  • CAM03 is only used by Lefty.
  • The music box on CAM04 only winds down if Marionette is in play.
  • CAM05 is only used by Foxy and Bonnie, but they also have a figurine on your desk when active.
  • CAM06 is only used by Funtime Foxy.
  • If Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Mangle, or Circus Baby are in play, there will be a coin amount near their respective dolls.
  • CAM08 is only used by Toy Freddy.
  • Plushtrap and Rockstar Bonnie’s guitar may appear on any camera.
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