Thimbleweed Park – Basic Advice if You Get Stuck

This is a very basic and 100% spoiler-free guide for players that are stuck in the game.

Basic Advice

  • If you are stuck trying to go in some direction with your puzzle solving,
    try a different approach. 
  • If you think “This has to be the solution somehow!” but can’t make it work:
    either look around for other solutions with an open/reset mind or store your idea for a later point in time. 
  • “Look at” everything you can look at, listen to everything that is said.
    There are subtle hints for many puzzles hidden in the writing of this game. 
  • The characters in this game have checklists with things to do on them.
    You do not need to tick every of those boxes immediately to advance the story of the game.
    If you think the game is not giving you the things you need to tick a box at the moment,
    remember that the world can change over time. 
  • Keep in mind the title of the current chapter.
    It usually gives you a very good idea about what you should focus on right now.
    Focus on that! 
  • Try to “Pick Up” everything – no matter how unimportant or useless it looks.
    You will be surprised! 
  • Visit all the places and residents with different characters.
    Even though they often share the same dialogue, they also often have different experiences.
    And they like or fear very different things. 
  • If you should really get to the point where you lose your patience, take a break.
    You might be walking your dog, lying in bed or standing under the shower when – BOOM! –
    a brand new idea shoots into your head!
    Even if you are not thinking about the game, your mind is still trying to work stuff out in the background. 

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