Armored Battle Crew – Varricts Landship Tankery Guide 101

The No.1 (totally not because its literally the first) guide to tankery that will help you beat back the fiendish hun!


You there!, yes you the sheepish looking lad who looks like he wandered into the wrong room!. So you fancy your hand at our latest and greatest creation since tea eh?, well then I suppose someone who has such a smashing British moustache can be trusted with some top secret information.

Now settle down, listen closely and pay attention, I shan’t repeat myself lest German spies are lurking.

Tank Basics

Lets starts from the top shall we?, now we’ve made these things to be completely idiot proof, even your local geordie lower class worker can operate one of these things so I expect the same from you!.

To begin with at the start of each mission you have to delegate each crew member to their posts, preferably 1 driver, 1 radio operator and 4 gunners. Now technically you can get away with putting just about anybody anywhere but pay attention to your crew skills, it wouldn’t be rather smart to put a grease monkey behind the radio and the radio operator at the helm now would it?.

Once you have each crewman in their positions you can move the tank by using the WASD keys respectively. Gunnery can done manually if you want to focus fire a particular target but you can leave your crewmen to fire at will automatically, to do so select the artillery piece of your choosing and press the shift key, left click to fire and right click to zoom. The Q and E keys can also be used to utilize each crewmans unique ability that can turn the tide of the battle whilst still in manual gunnery mode.

Speaking of abilities, each crewmember once assigned to their ideal post can unlock unique abilites that can help you fight more efficiently. For example a driver assigned to the helm can provide speed boosts or increased ramming damage or a gunner can increase armor penetration or accuracy etc etc.

To utilise such abilites simply left click the crewman and if they are in the correct post at the bottom left side of the screen you will see 2 bright blue color coded buttons, these are your abilities. However use them sparingly as each ability has a set cool down time so choose wisely, the right ability at the right time can literally be the deciding factor between victory or certain death, choose poorly and the carbon monoxide poisoning from the engine as well as the extreme heat will be the least of your concerns.

Should he run out of ammunition however you may either manually order them to acquire ammunition from the stowage bins or by pressing the R key whilst selecting them they will automatically acquire ammunition and reload the weapon, saving you precious seconds and allows you to focus on running over that Jerry soldier who was too stupid to get out of the way.

Sounds pretty simple so far doesn’t it?, of course you’d expect nothing less from a British invention and training only the Empire can provide!. However training and giant iron behemoths can only get you so far it seems as the hun has somehow found a way to damage our beautiful machines and somewhat regrettably injure the crew as well.

Fear not though for you can order your crew to repair your glorious landboat by simple pressing the Repair function at the lower right side of your screen. And to heal your crew its even simpler!, you can manually order them to heal themselves by clicking on them and right clicking the medicine box but you’d be surprised as even they have an inkling of intelligence to realise that by simply pressing the H key they can heal themselves and go back to their post automatically!

So to reiterate the most important key functions are listed below

  • W – Move forward
  • S – Move Backwards
  • A – Move left
  • D – Move Right
  • Shift – control gun
  • Q – Use left ability
  • E – Use right ability
  • R – Reload gun
  • H – Automatically heal

End of Presentation

And that just about concludes your first lesson in Tankery, some of you may die but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Though I do expect each and every one of you to make the King proud to call you his soldiers so do look sharp before you get thrown into the meatgrinder, it wouldn’t be proper now would it.

Now get out there, man your landship and win this blasted war, for King and country tally ho gents!. I want to be in Berlin before christmas so I can throw tea in the Kaisers face!.

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