BattleBlock Theater – How to Get Any Trophy Fast

Get a trophy now only for your whole life.


Trophy are some of the coolest things to get (as in the gold Trophy).
Trophys show how much effort you put into battle block theather and which is really rewarding.
So, here are some tips on how to get it fast.

Note: If you dont have these items shown, it may be a little difficult but you do what you want 🙂

Main Notice

Mainly, a lot of people would care about the gems and grades. for this, none of that matters. If your that type of person who LOVES getting A’s or A++s then go away. This guide is not for you. if you are ones who doesnt care and wants the game done, here you are. (if your wondering why people want good grades is because they want to show off friends how much work they did instead of not caring).

Letting You Know

If you read in achievements “Finish the game with any passing grade” all you really need is a C or a B. A and A++ dont matter.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use these certain weapons to complete levels fast.

Dart Gun


Paper Airplane

  • At least get 3 or 4 gems. which will either be a C or a B.
  • Know the map. Knowing the map could make it a whole lot faster but take more time. It is very useful in insane mode.
  • Listen to calming music. listening to calming music could really ease out a lot of stuff and clear out your mind and focus. (Its recommended in insane mode).
  • Take some breaks. taking breaks could really help out. Maybe watch some YouTube or listen to some music that you enjoy or at least go outside and take a breather.
Written by Chill Boi#0420

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