Gato Roboto – Hidden Achievement: Sequence Break

Tips on how to get the sequence break achievement.

The Hidden Achievement: Sequence Break

To get the hidden achievement, you need to complete the “heater core” zone before you do the “aquaduct” zone, before you get the “spin jump” upgrade.

This sounds easy at first, but is actually quite hard. First off, without the spin jump you have a hard time entering the “heater core” zone.

The Trick: Rocket Jumping

To get into the “heater core” zone, you need to rocket jump. Firing a rocket straight down will give you a boost. However, this isn’t enough to enter the zone.

You need to boost off the flying enemy in there as well. Making it a pretty tricky jump.

Now, the best “start boost” for a rocket jump is:

  • Fire straight down while on the floor.
  • Jump at the same time.

Now, this starts of tricky already, as you need to press 3 buttons, down, jump and rocket at the same time.

Bonus tip: I suck at this button pressing. So I bound all 3 buttons to a single button of my steam controller. Allowing me to have a single button to do the jump.

The All Important Double Rocket Jump

Even if you manage to get into the “heater core” zone, you’ll soon be stuck again. As the basic rocket jump described above will not get you everywhere. It allows you to jump up to 3 tiles high, but not higher.

So you need the double rocket jump. Now, you might think, fire down again in the air, gives you a 2nd boost. Well, too bad. Not enough boost to get high. It gets you if you need distance. But not a lot of height.

So you need a 2nd type of boost. The wall rocket boost. If you fire into the wall while jumping and pressing jump you boost up even higher, like this:

Bonus tip2: as I sucked at this as well, I bound “fire + jump” to a 2nd button on my controller as well. And this allowed me to relative consistently pull off the initial jump with the boost.

The Closing

The floor+wall rocket jump should get you trough all jumps in the “heater core”.

To wrap up. After finishing the achievement, I think you are stuck. I haven’t managed to get out of the “heater core” zone, as the way back seems blocked by a pretty high jump near the elevator.

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