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新巨商 - New Player Guide

Written by 一锅端   /   Updated: Jun 17, 2019    
新巨商 - New Player Guide

New Player Guide

1. The first time you enter the game, you need to enter your mailbox and password. Click the registration button to complete the registration.

2. When creating a character, you can select the country on the right side and your own gender and appearance characteristics. Finally, you can enter a nickname and click the Registration Role button to complete the role creation.

3. After entering the game, you can click the Configuration button to view the novice tutorial.

4. Click the leave city button to visit the map.

5. There will be all kinds of monsters on the big map. Use the mouse to check the monster level and combat effectiveness. Recommend that you evaluate the combat effectiveness gap before fighting. Don't blindly fight the leader.

6. On how to fight, close to the monster, click on the monster and switch to the combat scene.

7. The first time we enter the battle scene, the battle belongs to real-time battle. We can choose our own characters to move and attack. The right side provides simple commands, such as automatic attack.

8. If the battle is won, the trophy will be gained. If the protagonist dies, the battle will fail. If the battle fails, your character will lie on the ground and must return to the city for treatment.

9. Fighting and some other operations consume hunger. You can see hunger in the lower left corner.

10. If hunger is too low to fight, you need to buy some food to supplement it at the rice store in the city.

11. Experience will be gained after the victory of the battle. Experience will not increase infinitely. There will be a storage cap. New giant merchants allow users to add their own experience values, select roles, and then click the plus sign to upgrade.

12. The first time you enter the game, you will give a mercenary, and then you will need to raise the level of the protagonist to hire mercenaries. The specific conditions of employment can be checked in the training center.

13. Finally, each mercenary will have its own characteristics, which will affect its own attributes, and will change every 10 levels.

Written by 一锅端.