Vainglory – Quality of Life Workarounds for Early Access

Some simple workarounds to make your life better.


I am not the game company. I’m just a player like you. I’m simply posting my findings to help you, so don’t criticize me if this doesn’t fix every single bug in the game. These aren’t even fixes, these are things to help you a little in your experience.

A lot of players, including myself, are experiencing very long loading screens, sometimes they take (literally) forever and the game doesn’t even load. Other times, it only loads after 3min or more, ruining your match and ruining it for your team mates who will also blame you. You may even get low priority queue. It’s a pain.

Also, the game has several crashes here and there.

If that wasn’t enough, sometimes the versus menu won’t load properly and the game will freeze.

Because of all this, I decided to make a simple guide organizing what I know that works (because it works for me). You may try it or not. I do not guarantee it will work for you, but it did for me. When I say it “works”, I’m actually saying it improves your game experience, I’m not saying it will fix the bugs because it won’t. Only the developers or someone with programming knowledge could to that.

This isn’t a fix for the problems. This is a workaround, that means it will make your life easier and a little less miserable. The game will become a little more playable. That’s it.

Basic Optimization

When you are going to play Vainglory, don’t leave any non-essential program or application running. This is obvious but it doesn’t hurt to remember that.

Don’t play Vainglory when you are installing something, uninstalling something, when you are running scans or such. The game is already bugged at its current state, no need to make it worse.

Long Loading Screen

The long loading screen problem is most probably related to file transfer time. To improve the time and thus make your game load faster, we need to make sure your files transfer quite fast.

Here are some steps that helped me in that matter.

1. Make sure system defragmentation is on and and automatic. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Press WINDOWS key (it’s the one with a Windows logo on it, duh), type “Defrag”.
  • Open “System defragmentation and optimization”
  • In “Scheduled optimization”, select “Change settings”
  • Make sure it’s turned on. On my Windows, it’s scheduled on a weekly basis.
  • If there has never been an optimization, do it now. Better late than never.

2. Download CCleaner and run it periodically.

Some people do it monthly, others do it weekly. It’s your call. You can find it here: CCleaner. The free version is good enough for our objective.

Just remember, the more things you download, install and uninstall, the more you will have to run it to make file transfer faster for Vainglory (it is quite sensible). More on this below.

3. If you have the habit of installing and uninstalling lots of games or programs in your computer, settle down to those you are going to use and then run CCleaner after installing/ uninstalling them.

If you download or uninstall lots of stuff again, run CCleaner again. Repeat this forever. That why I suggest you to settle down to the things you are going to use, so you don’t have to keep running CCleaner a lot of times.

Every time you install or uninstall something heavy, you will have to run CCleaner to optimize it for Vainglory. I know, it’s a pain, that’s why if you want to play this game with minimum loading time you shouldn’t be installing and uninstalling lots of stuff, otherwise just run CCleaner like crazy.

Freezing in Versus Screen and Crashes

As previously said, the game is currently rich in crashes as expected of an Early Access. We can’t help the frequency of crashes, but we can react faster so your match isn’t compromised.

My advice is that you keep your Task Manager open before even launching the game. If you ever encounter a crash or if your game freezes, just open the Task Manager (if needed open another Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL to force that window to pop up) and end the Vainglory process.

On your Steam library, you probably are seeing this text in green “Vainglory – running”. As soon as it becomes blue and you only see “Vainglory”, it’s time to launch the game again.

This way you will get back to your match as soon as possible. 

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