World of Tanks Blitz – Medium Tank Guide

This guide is mainly for teaching new players how to properly use the medium tanks. because in Tier 3, Tier 4 and 5 medium tank players have not yet learned the basics and need some improving. This guide can help with the Blitz and Normal version.

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Defense and Attack


When you play as a medium tank you will know that in most of the tanks the defense is not to good so please DO NOT play mediums as a heavy you can’t take hits like you could as a Heavy. Even light tanks can do really good damage to you.


Guns on the medium tanks are decent you can do good damage to enemy tanks unless you hitting the front armour of the tank. Now when i play as medium tanks i notice that sometimes i do no damage to light tanks front armour so it is best to aim for the back and sides.

Now what I just explained will not go for all medium tanks some of tanks have really good armour and really bad guns, but it goes for most medium tanks.


Movement is something that these type of tanks have, they have lower armour for more movement. I have played many medium tanks and I have noticed that MOST of the tanks have good movement, if you are looking at this guide for the Matilda do not pay any attention to the rest.

You can speed up alot as a Medium tank and go just a bit slower than some lights now i would not shoot while driving this is for all tanks, Medium tanks are not made for being a scout leave that for the light tanks. You probably know this but do not play this tank as a tank destroyer.

Tank Boosting

Tank Boosting is when light tanks boost heavy tanks to make them go faster. It does work with high tier heavy tanks if you are boosting them with a medium tank. In tier 5 – 7 i would say is when Medium tanks should not be boosting heavy tanks. It does help the heavy tanks in those tiers but it is better in the high tiers

Medium vs Light

  • Medium: Decent Armour – Decent Damage – Decent Movement.
  • Light: Bad Armour – Decent Damage – Good Movement.

Medium vs Heavy

  • Medium: Decent Armour – Decent Damage – Decent Movement.
  • Heavy: Good Armour – Good Damage – Bad Movement.

Medium vs Tank Destroyer

  • Medium: Decent Armour – Decent Damage – Decent Movement.
  • Tank Destroyer: Bad Armour – Good Damage – Good Movement.

For the tank destroyer it could be Bad or Good armour and Good or Bad movement it was hard to pick for the tank destroyer.

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