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Bio Inc. Redemption - How to Farm Points

Written by Tenko-Chabashira   /   Jun 18, 2019    

This Guide will Teach you... On how to Farm Points in the Game!

How to Farm Points

Step 1: Selecting Boosters

Here are basically the 2 Main Boosters you need!

  • Emergency Bonus (Step 3 will explain on why you need This Booster!)
  • Score Boost (It boosts you're Score by 20%!)
  • 3rd Booster (Optional, but Needed!): Collateral Damage (Once Again, Step 3 will explain on why you might need this one!)
  • 4th Booster is pretty much Optional (I usually pick Risk Booster)
  • and the 5th Booster is Slow Diagnosis (If you bought the Upgrade where it takes Docters 50% Longer to Diagnose Diseases, using this Booster and buying the upgrade makes for a really GREAT Combo!)

Step 2: What Stage do I need to play on?

  • Chose the Death Campaign.
  • Select Graveyard.
  • Pick Cardiorespiratory Arrest (where is shows a Figure putting his/her Arms on their Chest).

Step 3: What do I do?

What happens is that the Victim is already in the Emergency Room, meaning the Emergency Bonus Booster you picked at the start comes in Handy!

The Collateral Damage Booster comes in Handy since it can Deal (Cap Warning)... Loads And Loads Of Damage To Other Systems (Ex: If you bought Lupus, it deal lots of Damage to the Renel and Immunity system!) (I only say to [maybe] use the Collateral Damage Booster is it can help you not only end the Stage quickly, but the quicker you beat it, the more points you'll earn!)

Step 4: I forgot to mention, you need to play the Cardeo Stage on Lethal! Try to Figure out what Disease/Symptoms make Combos!

You're on your own after this Step!

Step 5: The Results!

Here are two pictures that show how many Points I got on 2 different Runs!

Written by Tenko-Chabashira.