Hearts of Iron IV – I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile Achievement Guide

Quite easy guide for that sweet achievement!

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Go ASAP Fascist, then justify oon Yugoslavia and Albania. When war between you and yugoslavia brokes out, make a faction with Italy.

The war should be easy, I was making 20 witdth pure infantry, and later with artillery. After annexing Albania and Yugoslavia I was waiting for WW2 and actually it was weird – Czechoslovakia refused Sudetenland and Allies protected them (it was 1938) and historical focuses were on, but anyway just wait for WW2.

While Allies are busy with Germany they are probably won’t guarantee independence to other countries, so I justified on Bulgaria. After attack Romania joined my faction (I let them join to prevent them joining the Axis), after Bulgaria, next was Turkey and I kicked Romania and annexed them. Quite simple, but after few tries.

Hearts of Iron IV - I Swear I’m Not a Byzantophile Achievement Guide

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  1. Lol, I have greece,yugo,albania and turkey, I first teamed up with Italy like u said for Yugo and albania. Now I am teaming with the soviets vs germans and I have like 10k manpower left but Ive inflicted over 4 million casualities to the axis. Slowly but surely will start pushing them back once they are fully out of mp.

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