Monster Hunter: World – Mushroomer Build (Shroomer)

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If you don’t have any Dash Juice, Demondrug, Max Potion, or Armorskin remaining, this will come in handy. It’s kinda tedious to do though every start of the hunt. But for me, it became part of my routine like eating before the hunt.

Basically, the item loadout would compose of:

  • Nitroshroom (Demondrug) – Consume this first since it’s permanent until you cart.
  • Parashroom (Armorskin) – Consume this after Nitroshroom since this is also have permanent effect until you cart.
  • Mandragora (Max Potion) – This is only needed if you choose for the Attack (L) in the canteen and you need to maximize your health gauge.
  • Devil’s Blight (Dash Juice) – Consume this last since this has only 6 minutes (4 minutes + 2 minutes from Item Prolonger effect).

Then after eating those, quickly change your equipment set and item loadout on the tent.

Shroomer Skills

Skills (sorted by priority):

  • Mushroomancer Lvl. 3 – This will let you consume those juicy mushrooms.
  • Item Prolonger Lvl. 3 – This skills affect the buffs you consume, especially for Devil’s Blight.
  • Wide-Range Lvl. 5 – Share those buffs!
  • Speed Eating Lvl. 3 – So you can eat faster.
  • Free Meal Lvl. 1 – It’s a 25% chance to make those mushrooms free!

Monster Hunter: World - Mushroomer Build (Shroomer)

Item Loadout

  • Nitroshroom
  • Parashroom
  • Mandragora
  • Devil’s Blight

Monster Hunter: World - Mushroomer Build (Shroomer)

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