Dark Souls 3 – How to Quickly Take Down People with the Ringed Knight Paired Ultra Greatswords

Here’s how you beat the ringed knight paired ultra greatswords that were added in the ringed city and have been spammed everywhere since. Because you people seriously need a guide for this.

Step One: The Tools Required

Grab a Caestus, yes, you read this right, a Caestus, that parry tool that’s almost always in your offhand, and don’t tell me you don’t have one, everyone does, i not then you’ve almost entirely skipped over the undead settlement and it’s your own fault. Next thing you need is nothing else. Just the Caestus. You don’t need anything else against the Ringed Knight Paired Ultra Greatswords so don’t even bother with anything else outside of your armor which is just there to look pretty because the highest tier armor saves you from maybe a single hits worth of damage when compared to mid tier armor.

Step Two: The Technique

Now that you have your slappy hands of doom the next thing you need to do is two hand them and press Ctrl, then you punch them a lot. When you use the weapon art of the Caestus there is nothing they can do to stop you, no matter how far into their combo they are, no matter how much damage you’ve taken, as long as you have reasonable stats for such a dumb weapon they are screwed. You can just keep punching through all of their attacks and you will either knock them out of their combo or just plain out-trade them and force them to back off.

Step Three: Alternatively…

You also could just keep dodging behind them until they try their final hit of the combo and backstab them during the long ♥♥♥ recovery animation, because dodging’s a thing, it costs next to no stamina, you don’t take damage when you’re doing it… my point is stop being dumb. That’s it. The end. It’s over. Leave.

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