Steel Division 2 – Shortest Starter Guide

A very short guide for beginners to Steel Division 2.

What to Do with Different Units – General Directions

Infantry fight best in villages and woods, where line of sight is short. Never move infantry under heavy enemy fire, as moving infantry is much more vulnerable. Tanks fight best in open areas, where line of sight is far. Tanks are very bad at spotting enemies, so accompany them with other units.

Use recon on the front to spot the enemy units more easily. Attack where the enemy is weak. Use artillery and planes if you have to soften enemy defenses.

Use MGs, AT and AA to defend positions. Clusters of units are vulnerable to artillery and bombers. Recon and officer units are good for support, not fighting.

Stress, Visibility and Experience

Stressed units have reduced accuracy. Fully stressed units cannot fight, and may surrender to nearby enemies. Units near a leader unit handle stress much better, and will never surrender.

Stationary units and units in cover are harder to spot. Green cover reduce visibility more than yellow cover. Vehicles and big guns are easier to spot than infantry and small guns.

Units with experience have a little stat-boost compared to units with no experience. Grades of experience is indicated with rank symbols on the unit card and unit icon. All units near a leader unit fight as if one grade more experienced.

Controlling Units

With infantry, standard move (right click) moves the unit in a straight line, and the unit will not stop if it sees an enemy.

Infantry has an alternative move: hunt (Q + left click). Moving with hunt makes the infantry move through cover, and the unit will stop and attack if it sees an enemy.

Use standard move when moving infantry in safe territory, and use hunt when moving in unsafe territory.

With tanks, both standard move and hunt moves the unit in a straight line. Hunt will allow the tank to stop and shoot at spotted enemies, while a standard move will keep the tank moving toward the destination.

Tanks also have move fast and reverse. With move fast, the unit moves onto a road and drives at higher speed to the destination. Reverse is for backing away from an enemy tank or At gun, keeping the thick front armor against the enemy instead of exposing the weaker rear armor. Use standard move or fast move when moving tanks in safe territory, and use hunt (or reverse) when moving in unsafe territory.

Some Useful Buttons

  • C – Line of sight + distance tool.
  • Z – The selected unit will hold its fire.
  • B – Make the selected artillery unit shoot smoke at a given position.
  • Shift – Add or remove units from the current selection.
  • Shift – Give multiple orders to the selected units (orders will queue up).
  • Tab – Cycle through units in the current selection.
  • Right Mouse Button – Right click and hold on a tank or gun unit, then move the mouse cursor to the location an enemy is likely to come from. The cannon will turn toward that direction.
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