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This is guide shows how to make money the legal way.

Bee Keeper

Bee Keepers Role: There is a Hoard of Bees that take over the city night and day! It is your job to help the city by taking the bees and making honey!

How to Make Money by using bee’s:

  • Use the Smoker Gun and spray the nest with 3 clicks.
  • Use you vacuum to collect the bee’s by click on the nest with the vacuum out.
  • Buy the Hive from the f4 menu Under entities.
  • Open the hive.
  • Buy the Wooden crate from the f4 menu under entities.
  • Buy Eleven frames from the f4 menu under entities.
  • Put the wooden crate into the hive.
  • Buy a cardboard box and put all the bees that are in the vacuum into the box.
  • Put the cardboard into the hive Close the bee hive and let them make honey.
  • Open the Hive. Take out the wooden frame.
  • Buy the extractor from the f4 menu under entities. Open the door and put the raw honey inside of the extractor.
  • Turn it on and let it make honey.
  • Buy a jar from the f4 menu under entities. And then put it on the extractor.
  • Open the valve for honey to drip into the jar.
  • Buy a crate from the f4 menu under entities.
  • Keep doing that until you have a full crate.
  • Once you have the crate full you will take it to the Honey seller and sell your honey to make Money!
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