Song Beater: Quite My Tempo! – Quick-Start Guide

Song Beater official quick-start guide!

How to Play


  • Virtual reality headset with motion controllers required to play.
  • If you need to recenter your view, press and hold B or Y button on your Touch controller (or trackpad right on your SteamVR controller) for 2 seconds.


  • Point your motion controller’s laser beam on selection/button you want to activate and press trigger.
  • Navigate to previous menu by clicking on “<” button.


  • Move your hands to destroy incoming balls (perform boxing moves with your fists in fitness mode or slash with selected weapon in free style mode (for phasers use trigger to shoot)).
  • Press B or Y on your Touch controller (or trackpad right on your SteamVR controller) to pause the game.

Party play/Streaming…

  • Press right thumbstick (or trackpad) to activate drawing on the screen (useful when you want to show something to others).
  • Keyboard and mouse can be used to activate and manipulate 3rd person camera and effects in desktop window (headset view is not affected). Press Escape to display the help screen with all controls.

Game Modes


  • Balls are symbol and color-coded, you need to destroy the ball with correct hand (yellow balls – left hand, purple balls – right hand).
  • Use maximum precision and maximum speed to achieve best score.
  • If you miss the ball or hit it with the wrong hand, you lose boost bonus and some amount of your life (see life line in front of your feet). You can regain life slowly if you hit balls correctly. When your life reaches zero, you fail the whole level and need to start over.

Difficulty levels

  • There are up to 5 difficulty levels for each song (not every song has to offer all of them): gentle, light, normal, intense, impossibru
  • Gentle, light and normal difficulties all use target hitting space of approximately 60×60 centimeters.
  • Intense difficulty uses hitting space of approximately 90×90 centimeters.
  • Impossibru difficulty uses hitting space of approximately 120×120 centimeters (you might need to crouch and jump sometimes to reach consecutive balls… or choose some long weapon in free style mode)

Fit boxing

  • Perform boxing moves with your hands.

Free style

  • Slash/fire weapon of your choice (use triggers to shoot phasers).

Letter hunter

  • Watch text displayed in front of you and try to hit only the right letters to fill it.
  • You need to avoid all other letters than the one required at the moment.
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