Ballistic Overkill – Guide for Class: Shadow

This guide is made for new players to get introduced with Shadow.
I have been playing Ballistic Overkill for some time now and know a thing or two about Shadow.


One among 7 classes available in the game Ballistic Overkill has to offer. A stealth assassin. Known for being Honorable, respectful and bold in combat.

Shadow is known as a speed demon/melee specialist. invisible while running, can deal a great amount of damage in close range, but weakest among all 7 classes.


  • Fastest among all 7 classes.
  • Can jump with agility to evade enemies.
  • Goes invisible while running, but invisible disables while melee attacking, shooting, reloading, walking and jumping.
  • Weakest among all the classes but in skillful hands the most deadly.


Shadow Walker
While moving, Shadow gains +50% accuracy and +50% recoil reduction.

When attacking an enemy from the back, Shadow gains +20% gun damage.

Shadow loses the ability to become invisible. In return, Shadow gains +15% damage resistance, +25% melee damage and his footstep volume is reduced by 100%

Fast as Lightning
The Shadow gains +8% Rate of Fire (melee included) and +25% reload speed.

The Shadow gains +3% mobility. Additionally, Shadow gains an extra +3% mobility for every second he is sprinting. Caps at 3 stacks (max +12% mobility total).

The shadow recovers 100% of his HP when killing a player with a melee attack.

Some Points to Know When Playing as Shadow

Don’t jump: When I say don’t jump, I mean don’t jump in the open unnecessarily. During the time you jump your invisible fades and you became a very easy target. But Jumping over obstacles and down floors are best ways to save your butt from getting killed. Use jump wisely.

Don’t stop moving: As you might have known by now Shadow is pretty weak. stopping for nothing in the open will kill you for sure. Stopping while moving will fade your invisibility and make you an easy target.

Get close: Get close before killing your enemy. doesn’t matter if you use Machine Pistols, Sub-Machine Guns or Swords/Knife getting close with Shadow will always be the efficient way of killing an enemy. SMG’s and MP’s aren’t meant for long ranges. getting close and putting your shoots in a close area will deal a good amount of damage.

Grande usage: Using Grandes with Shadow is kinda tricky. since you’re moving too much and when your enemy spots you coming for he/she will 1. start spraying bullet to get you 2. they’ll drop their Grande on the way and move back, to get you in a better spot to kill you. I would recommend throwing the grande in an advanced spot where your enemy might run back, which could be deadly.

Speed: Shadow is the fastest class, you can get to very advantages spots very early in the round. with speed come with benefits of hit and run tactics and backstabs.

Bunny hopping: Useful for moving fast and evading enemies.

How to Counter Players Using Shadow

As your well aware by now Shadow isn’t the toughest nut to crack. and killing a player using Shadow is actually easier than you think. Here are some way I see mostly being used.

Spray and pray: People using Marksman, Vanguard, Berserker, Tank tend to use their primary and secondary to spray bullets at charging Shadow. and as Shadow being weak as he is, he fails he’s charge.

Leading Grandes: Grenadier tend to lead grades at a general direction an evading Shadow takes to escape. always throwing grenades at a charging Shadows feet or while his meleeing you dose the trick.

Low in health: While being low in health not taking fights against a Shadow is recommended. retreating for a few moments can be a wise decision. regenerate and hit him/her back.

Shortguns: Shotguns are the most deadliest Shadow counter. since Shadow has to come close to you. you have a great chance of one Shoting a Shadow or a few shots at a distance with a shortgun.

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