Dead by Daylight – How to Escape when the Hatch is Closed

You are alone, the hatch just got closed by the killer and you have to escape by 1 of the 2 doors. Problem is, you don’t have enough time to open 1 before the killer comeback… what to do?

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Welcome to this guide on “How to escape when the hatch is closed”.
This trick will show you what to do when you are alone and the killer closed the hatch. Opening a door might not be possible depending on how close to each other they are, in which this guide solves the issue.
You will learn how to use the door’s red light to your advantage and to judge if the trick can be performed by analyzing the map’s environment.

This guide apply only when you are the last survivor in the match and the hatch is about to be closed (or is already closed).

The Doors

To use this trick, you need to understand how the 2 doors work when powered, its very simple:

  • The doors takes 15 seconds to open.
  • 3 red lights show the progress of the door’s opening.
  • It takes +/- 3 seconds for the first light to turn on.
Dead by Daylight - How to Escape when the Hatch is Closed

The Trick

By faking the opening of a door, you will “force” the killer to look for you in the area when you are in fact long gone and opening the other door and escaping.

You will open a door until the first light turn on, then run to the other door and escape. At this stage of the game, the killer will heavily patrol the 2 doors back and forth. Depending on the map layout, you might not have time to fully open 1 until the killer comes back, resulting in a certain death.

What we will do is open 1 door for +/- 3 seconds (until we see the first light), run to the other door NOT in a straight path since the killer will be using the most efficient path to patrol the 2 doors and we dont want him to see us and finally, escape.

Analyzing the Map Layout

Probably the most important part of this trick is to understand the map layout.

  • Where are the 2 doors?
  • Are they far from each other?
  • Does the killer have vision of the lever from a long distance?
  • Are the doors obstructed by walls/trees?
  • Are there many hiding spots around the door?

This will help you judge the situation and let you determine the best timing to start the trick.

Step #1 – Reaching for the Decoy Door

We will call the door that we won’t open fully the “decoy” door and the door we will open the “escape” door for clarity.

The decoy door doesnt have to be a specific door, generally you will be using the one closest to you.

Before opening it for +/- 3 seconds, you will need to locate the killer. You dont want to be opening the door while the killer is watching you or walking in your direction. Hide very close to the door if possible and wait for a visual cue of the killer and or its heartbeat. As soon as he walks away after checking your door (or as the heartbeat fades away), open the door until the first light turns. Then get away and reach for the “escape door”.

Step #2 – Running to the Escape Door

Easy to do, as long as you are not crossing the killer’s path.

Dead by Daylight - How to Escape when the Hatch is Closed

Step #3 – Opening the Escape Door

As soon as you reach the “escape” door, open it!
The killer is looking for you at the “decoy” door and you wont have any other chance to escape.

Now you pray to god that he does’nt abandon the search and goes back to the “escape” door.

Dead by Daylight - How to Escape when the Hatch is Closed

If you prefer to watch this guide in its video format…


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  1. Dude I found out this trick too and now you have success with it asshole xD. Yeah I can say, this trick really works well

  2. If the gates are far apart, I just hide near the gate even if the killer isn’t nearby. Wait for them to come and see no one is around, they go check the next one and that is the time to go for it.

  3. I only use 1 tactic..Open it as much as I can before Lights go on..So I win 2-3 seconds.Then when killer checks and sees no light,I go and open it until the end.Even if killer come in time,I can open it anyways and escape because i did that trick before

  4. I think it is better than turning lights on and running to other side to open other door..Smart killer will check place and go back while you run to other door xd

  5. the gates placement has been ridiculously close to each other on most of the maps, i played few killer matches during latest patch and the gates spawn is quite good, considerably far enough for a survivor to open it.

  6. This is less efficient than simply leaving the light barely off and then waiting for the killer to check and then leave again. It’s a good trick but one that takes time to set up and might not always work for long enough to get the other door open. Also, keep in mind this strategy just has you completely boned if you’re against a trapper or other killer with a way to prevent the doors being opened. Many times as the plague I’ve had the last survivor cleanse themselves and be healthy, so as I patrol back and forth at the doors I purge on them. If they’re sick, I know they tried to open the door behind me. Or this strategy also really doesn’t work at all if the killer has Whispers…

  7. Exit gates take 20 seconds to open, not 15. It may not seem like a big difference but in a situation like that it’s huge. Anyway nice guide man!

  8. just open exit 0.1 sec before first light, wait for killer to go away and open full exit ( some perks can help u too : wake up, resilience, spine chill, dead hard to take hit then open exit and escape .. )

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