The Last Roman Village – Beginner’s Guide

Getting Started

The main resource in The Last Roman Village game is the gold. With gold you can build, upgrade, train and upgrade soldiers.

You can get extra gold after every wave by building a stone mine and woodcuttery to produce income or killing a gold goblin.

Also these 2 building add to the general +1 more spear that he can throw at the enemies.

The Last Roman Village - Beginner's Guide

Build and Upgrade Army

Villagers can be trained as soldiers. To have a villagers available you have to have a house. Every house will create +1 villager every 3 waves. To be able to train stronger infantry and/or archers, you need to build and upgrade Roman Barracks and/or archery. You can control all the soldiers to place them on a specific spots on the map. The patrolling units are the one that you first choose. And usually it is easy for player to place them on right spots and do not move them often unless necessary.

The best and obvious way is to place infantry before archers and behind wall near defense tower. In this way you can save your soldiers when the defense tower and wall will weaker the enemy wave.

The Last Roman Village - Beginner's Guide

Wheel of Luck Bonus Round

On every 9 waves players will have chance to win a lot of prices from the Bonus round. You can get +10% attack and defense for all soldiers, +15% tower damage, more wall HP, Dog pet, Different amount of gold and more. Choosing the skull means no reward this turn. May be the best available options here are the 3 magics or the dog pet.

Here every player will have a different experience with different luck.

  • 1st magic – arrow rain falling from the sky inflict damage to enemies in front of the general.
  • 2nd magic – summon a soldier – you can summon 2 warriors max after every other waves.
  • 3rd magic – wrath of gods – do damage to all enemies on the map at the moment
The Last Roman Village - Beginner's Guide

Boss Battle

On every 10 wave there is a boss battle wave. Every boss is different. Some require more defense other to ambush them especially Necromancer who summon skeleton and if you do not attack him first and let him produce a very big number of enemies impossible to kill.

Nice strategy also is to have a wall on this wave so you can slow down the boss a little bit.


Here is the most complex part of the game – to choose a strategy.

I personally found a good strategy to keep villagers and do not train them immediately as soldiers, so the can repair walls faster. Placing infantry under defense tower gives you a nice area of fight that you can do more damage because the tower will attack in its range. Upgrading tower it is worth it especially tower level 3,4,5 since they can freeze poison and burn enemies.

Archers are nice in big numbers but they have to be well protected since they do not have a lot of Hp.
Upgrading mill gives your soldiers +10,20% or 35% more HP at level 3.

Roman Ballistas are powerful unit , does damage to 3 enemies ( shooting slowly and moving slowly), It is perfect to be build on later stage since they are very expensive.

Healers are must since they can help you not loose to many soldiers, which mean more villager and money spend.

The Last Roman Village - Beginner's Guide

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