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Ahoy! CaptainBenzie coming at you with Loadout Lowdown, in association with FieryTale. This series aims to take a close look at every weapon in the Armajet armory, in order to better inform all you bounty hunters how to best utilize them in your gameplay!

Today we’ll be looking at the first weapon you’ll likely ever fire in the game, the Blacktusk. Don’t let the fact that it’s a starting weapon fool you, though. The Blacktusk is a vicious weapon in the hands of any player, whether novice or notorious.

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The Blacktusk

The Blacktusk is a Fully automatic assault rifle, praised for its reliability in almost any situation.

Though the damage of each individual shot is low, the Blacktusk makes up for this with a withering rate of fire allowing you to quickly rinse an opponents health with a shower of lead. Its range and accuracy aren’t up to much either, meaning that you’ll need to be fairly close to make the most of this weapon.

Fortunately, the Blacktusk has a decent enough mobility rating to keep you fairly mobile and able to close the gap with your opponents and duck out of the way of return firepower. It’s this back and forth mobility and burst fire that make a good Blacktusk user so dangerous.

It can be tempting to just squeeze the trigger on the Blacktusk and spray, but your team probably aren’t going to thank you for this, as you’re unlikely to hit anything and instead leave yourself wide open to return fire when you inevitably have to reload. You should aim to swoop in quickly and hose your opponent down as fast as you can with close range firepower.

This is why the Blacktusk works so well with a variety of secondary weapons. Frag Grenades and the Enforcer sidearm allow you to keep up the damage whilst you reload if the Blacktusk doesn’t finish off an opponent. The EMP Grenade works in reverse, and a solid hit with this will slow your opponent right down, practically negating the Blacktusk’s short range and poor accuracy.

Armed with the Blacktusk, you will need to close ground with your opponent quickly, but you’ll need to be careful to seize the opportunity of an opponent reloading. There’s very little more embarrassing than begining a Blacktusk charge, only to be stopped by a point blank shot from a weapon like a Tremor.

On this note, it’s worth acquainting yourself with where the shield powerups are on each map. As a Blacktusk user needs to stay close to an opponent, getting right up in their grill and entering their own weapon range, it’s well worth your while to grab these when you can. They’ll help you keep your blood inside your body that little bit longer.

Stick close to your teammates, and use any opening your opponents give you to swoop in for the kill.

Of course, when facing a Blacktusk user, you’ll need to keep all of this in mind. Keep your distance whilst they empty their clip then, depending on your own arsenal, dive in for the kill or strike them off from a distance.

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