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Ahoy! CaptainBenzie coming at you with Loadout Lowdown, in association with FieryTale. This series aims to take a close look at the Armajet armory in close detail to help you rocket up the Valor ranks like a firecracker!

Today we’ll be looking at the the third of the starter weapons, the Longclaw.

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The Longclaw

The Longclaw is a medium range sniper rifle, that is good for long and short range combat. Despite its size, the Longclaws design means that it remains accurate even whilst in motion.

Before we continue I want to give a massive shout-out and humongous thank you to LucaS from Hammers eSports for supplying the majority of the footage for this Loadout Lowdown. Statistically speaking, LucaS is probably the greatest LongClaw player in Armajet right now, so his footage is much more exciting than I could grab. I’m not that great with the Longclaw!

Anyways, on with the show!

As you’d expect from a sniper rifle, the Longclaw packs a powerful punch into a single shot. As it’s one single shot with a fairly slow reload time, you cannot simply spray and pray with a Longclaw like you might with a Tremor or Blacktusk. The Longclaw is a precision instrument and must be treated as such.

A Longclaw user will aim each shot carefully and consider their preys movement. At longer range, aiming just ahead of where the target is, anticipating where they are likely to move to will help account for the shots travel time. Learning how fast the shot travels is an important part of Longclaw usage as aiming directly at a moving opponent at range is a surefire way to miss and be stuck reloading.

This reload time means that the Longclaw is not an aggressive weapon. You’ll need to place each shot carefully and make it count every time you pull the trigger. As a missed shot takes a long time to recover, and due to the range of the Longclaw, you should hang back at a distance that’s safe for you.

Sometimes I find it best to aim the shot, then fine tune with jetpack usage. This keeps you mobile, as a pilot, whilst still placing that all-important shot exactly where you need it.

Longclaw users will keep their distance from the enemy team, using their range and superior damage per shot to take out high priority targets for their team. Hang back behind your teammates and take out the most dangerous threats. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch a Thunderstorm user swoop into one of your teammates faces, only for you to be the saviour of the day with a skillful Longclaw shot.

The Longclaw works well on maps like Canyon and Temple that have wide open expanses that you can turn into your killing fields. The less cover their is on the field, the easier it is for you to pick your prey at whim.

That said, the Longclaw still does well on closer, more choked maps like Snow Base or Molten. In these cases, the lay of the land creates natural corridors that you can fire down with impunity. A chokepoint just means that opponents need to run down your sights in order to engage you, after all! Just be aware that, if your shot doesn’t finish them off, you will be punished drastically.

For secondary weapons, the Enforcer, and later the Marauder, make great options. If your Longclaw shot doesn’t quite finish your target off, the sidearm should do the trick and change a near kill into a confirmed kill.

As alternatives, Frag, Sticky or EMP grenades can be a great way to form a retreat. If you miss your shot with an opponent charging at you, a quick grenade whilst you jet backwards can be just enough to throw your opponent off, buying you a few brief moments of safety.

Longclaw users keep their distance in firefights, so don’t need shield powerups as much as their closer range brethren. Still be aware of where they are, but give your Tremor using teammates priority.

Conversely, the Invisibility pickup can be utterly disgusting with a Longclaw, allowing you to hide on the edges of the battlefield and make your shots without your opponents even knowing where you are. When a Blacktusk user fires under Invisibility, he gives away his position and invites a counterattack. An inviaible Longclaw user, however, can make her shot and reposition before the opposition are even aware of her placement.

Double damage is also utterly devastating with a Longclaw, and a direct hit will kill almost any target in a single hit.

If you’re looking to deal with an enemy Longclaw user, there are two options open to you. If you’re stuck with short range weaponry like a Blacktusk, then you need to close the gap quickly, which is much easier said than done. Try to flank and approach from a different angle to your teammates, especially if your most direct route is a chokepoint that the Longclaw user is watching. Alternatively, keep in cover, even if this is using your teammates as body shields (not ideal, I know) whilst jinking out of the Longshot users sights.

On that note, once you know the reload timing of a Longclaw, you can almost anticipate the shot timing from an opposing sniper. With this knowledge, a quick jetpack boost may be just enough to jink out of harm’s way. This isn’t a guarantee, bit it works much better against Longclaw users than other weaponry.

Alternatively, if you have long range weaponry yourself, you can enter an Enemy At The Gates scenario. Keep your distance and wait for them to take their shot against whoever they’re aiming at. Leap forward, take your shot and make it count.

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