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Headliner: NoviNews - Good Job, Headliner! Achievement

Written by Nayuta   /   Updated: June 27, 2019    
Headliner: NoviNews - Good Job, Headliner! Achievement

How to make your boss proud! Struggled with this achievement? This guide can help.

Good Job, Headliner!

For this achievement you need to support the government just enough to prevent your boss from being fired, you should not encourage xenophobia or create a war.

So... you need:

  • Don't blame anyone for the suicides.
  • Don't encourage war, follow the impeachment line.
  • Keep an eye on the letters, if the government is very happy, make some criticism.
  • ALWAYS supports BetterBuzz, always.
  • If the agent don't threaten you and your boss keeps the job you are free to criticize the government
  • If you support the government too much you will receive the position of "Minister of Information", and it will prevent you from receiving the achievement.

Written by Nayuta.