100% Orange Juice – Sora & Sham (Cuties) Achievements

Sora & Sham (Cuties)’s Achievements

Ultimate Duet

Notes: Singleplayer Riggable

Awarded for playing 10 games as Sora & Sham (Cuties), an idol duo based on their appearance in 200% Mixed Juice!. You can do this really quickly in singleplayer, but doing the same thing in multiplayer gets you a new hair color, so it might be better to go for both at once. Co-op games don’t count.

Full House

Notes: Singleplayer Riggable

Awarded for stealing stars from other players 3 times in a single use of Special Stage as Sora & Sham (Cuties). Special Stage has a big radius, similar to Big Bang Bell and Blazing!, so this shouldn’t be too hard to get. Your movement rolls will be greatly reduced when using the Hyper, so you need to get ahead of your opponents. It’s recommended that you do this with a high level, so that your Hyper will last longer in case you don’t succeed right away. The best map for this is Farm, because you can stop at the center spot (the x2 Draw Panel) and basically everyone will be within range, assuming none of them retreat to their homes.

A New Star is Born

Notes: Singleplayer Riggable

Awarded for using Special Stage as Marie Poppo. This is a nice match for [Changeling Achievement], because using Mimic is the easiest way to get someone else’s Hyper. Unlike [Full House], you don’t need to get a payout from the Hyper, simply using it will give you the achievement. You can easily find Sora & Sham (Cuties) on a multiplayer game, but if you’re trying this in singleplayer, just keep restarting the match until the idol pair appears.

Twilight of the Beasts

Notes: Needs Gift Card, Multiplayer Riggable

Awarded for dealing a total of 10 damage outside of battle in one attempt while carrying Bloodlust. Holding Bloodlust damages you every turn, but all damage you deal will heal you. Because your HP gets drained while you’re holding Bloodlust, you should focus on survival. Use a character with a Hyper that can deal damage outside of battle, such as Marc, Fernet, or Iru. Try to bring Long-Distance Shot and Cloud of Seagulls too so that you have something to use if you don’t have your Hyper yet. If you’re KO’d during your attempt, the counter will be reset, so keep that in mind.

A Perfect Maneuver

Notes: Luck-Based, Multiplayer Riggable

Awarded for KO’ing an opponent using Desperate Modification while defending. Desperate Modification makes all your battle rolls either 1 or 6. This requires a bit of luck in singleplayer, because while you won’t have any problems if you get a 6, the problems are if you get a 1, which can make survival and KO’ing your opponent tricky. Nath is a good character for this, because of her Active Extension passive, and CPUs will frequently try to attack you regardless of your stacks. This might be better off rigged in a multiplayer game, by having your opponent at 1 HP, then challenging you to a battle, and then having to defend your attack so that it reduces the odds of it being luck-based.


Notes: N/A

Awarded for causing every non-Poppo player to be affected by Poppoformation. Poppoformation changes the base stats of the target to be the same as Marie Poppo’s base stat. There’s an easy way to do this in singleplayer: play on one of the original campaign’s episode 5 (the one with two Marie Poppos and Sora), choose any Poppo, then bring Poppoformation and Path Blockers, with the goal of making Sora land on Poppoformation. It is currently unknown if the match specifically requires a Poppo around in order to be eligible for the achievement.


Notes: Singleplayer Riggable

Awarded for using Path Blockers to make a player land on their own trap. This includes yourself. Path Blockers causes the target to stop on a panel with a trap card on it. You can actually target yourself with Path Blockers, so the easiest way to get this achievement is to play as Star Breaker (Krila and the others work too, but ideally you’d want an easy-to-identify trap). Try to get a hold of Path Blockers, spam your Hyper, and use the card on yourself once you’re near a bomb.

Sticky Fingers

Notes: Needs Gift Card, Multiplayer Riggable

Awarded for an unknown reason while carrying Poppo the Snatcher. Currently figuring out the exact requirement, so this will be updated soon!

Can Always Go Faster

Notes: Singleplayer Riggable

Awarded for successfully evading 3 attacks under the effects of Accelerating Sky. Accelerating Sky raises evasion and lowers defense for all players for three chapters. Choose characters with high evasion (so that they can easily dodge attacks) and low attack (so that they don’t KO their enemies before they attack), like Aru, Aru (Scramble), or Tsih. Suguri (Ver.2)’s Hyper can lower players’ attack stats, making for easier dodges. Try to fight non-threatening opponents so that you don’t run the risk of getting KO’d. You can take advantage of another player’s Accelerating Sky, and since it lasts for three chapters, you’ll have a lot of chances to battle.

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