Pathologic 2 – Reset Death Count, Speech with Rat and Catcher (Cheats)


I do not recommend it. Don’t do this. But if you want to it is your conscience deal. I know I’m unleash other’s hands, I want it be hold on me.

Main Part

All you have to do is go via this path:

  • C:Users%Username%AppDataLocalLowIce-Pick LodgePathologic 2Saves

To get there you can write in search %AppData% or with Win+R (you will be at AppData/Roaming) and then move to needed location.

Open via text editor Profiles.xml

Let’s talk about strange topics:

  • SpokeRatOne – Speeking with rat.
  • Deaths – Its numbers.
  • IsJerboaBlack – Making small ??? be black after speaking with rat at prologue.
  • RefusedDeal – Did not accept catcher’s deal.
  • MadeTheDeal – You have accepted (better to delete it).

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  1. Thanks I just died on my first day because I accidentally left my computer and starved the next day

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