Totally Reliable Delivery Service – Vehicle Controls

Since many were asking for a tutorial or a guide on how to properly drive a car or maneuver a chopper I figured since I enjoyed my time in this game so much I’d give it some more support besides my recommendation.
I hope this guide can be of any help.

Main Controls (Left Hand)

After a little bit oft testing I have noticed that the controls are related to which hand you are holding onto with the left hand controlling W A S D and the right hand allowing you steer with your mouse.

When you are driving a vehicle with two knobs the easiest way is to hold onto the left knob with your left hand and the right knob with your right hand.

  • W = Forward
  • A = Turn left
  • S = Brakes / backwards
  • D = Turn right

Secondary Controls (Right Hand)

The second knob on the [Boat] closes the hatched behind you and moves the fork up and down on the [Forklift] it also tilts the wings of the [Airplane and tilts the chopper].

The Tricky Part

The chopper and the plane were a bit tricky // I am still trying to get the plane under my control.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Vehicle Controls
Totally Reliable Delivery Service - Vehicle Controls

Using W to start the engine and move forward at the same time A and D to turn left and right while in the air […] switching between W to keep in the air and S not to move forward too much […]
you also need to use your mouse to tilt forward, backwards, left and right at the same time trying to keep the chopper as steady as possible.

[The chopper] the easiest way for me was to do it like this:

W to start the engine and S to slow down so I am not crashing into the building infront of me while moving my mouse constantly backwards to tilt so I was sort of flying upwards rather than forward.

Focus on keeping the mouse as steady as you can moving it against any unwanted movement, again this one took quite some practice to get the hang of but just keep trying 🙂

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