Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Achievement Guide

A somewhat detailed guide on how to get all the achievements in the base game. Contains some spoilers.

Story Achievements

Get back to the Ark!
Return to the Ark!

First story achievement, just get to the Ark.

Meet Selma and convince her to join your crew.

Get to “The High Road” and trigger the cutscene.

Thoughtful warrior
Rescue Magnus from the Nova cultists.

Clear “The House of Bones” and interact with the large crashed robot.

Meet Farrow and convince her to join your crew.

Go to the center of “Metal Fields”, you can miss it if you manage to avoid the center of the map but you really shouldn’t.

Rescue Hammon from the Nova cult.

At the end of “The World Ender”

Put an end to Plutonia’s plans.

Finish the fight in front of the gates to Eden. You can get it down to Plutonia a hunter and a tank. I recommend you hog rush Plutonia as your first move and take it from there.

Not a myth
Reach Eden.

This is the end game achievement.

Skills Related Achievements

Freak Out!
Unlock all Mutations in each character’s skill tree.

Refers only to the 8 mutations in the Mutations panel and does not also include the 5 in the stats panel.

Unnaturally successful
Finish a combat encounter by using mutations only.

Find any single dude and kill him, I got it by killing a level 35 Butcher that has 14 hp with level 3 needle pistol that does 7 damage per shot and Twitch Shot, if you don’t have a fully upgraded needle pistol (the ancient pistol would work too) then Twitch Shot with one guy and then use something like Skull Splitter or any another damage mutation just make sure you kill him silently

Bormin smash!
Kill an enemy by knocking them off a high place.

Get a dude on a platform down to anywhere between 6 and 3 hp and use Hog Rush on him so that he gets knocked down and falls off the platform. I don’t know if using a weapon with knockback will unlock the achievement, if you want to try the fall itself does 4 damage.

And stay down!
Knock down 10 enemies using ‘Hog Rush’.

Tanks are immune to it but somehow not Z600s. Never tried it on a Z800.

Frying tonight!
Kill 10 enemies using ‘Chain Lightning’.

Quite useless skill, does 3 damage to each target hit and bypasses armor I never used it so I had to create a situation where I grinded this one. Find a group of 3 24 hp enemies like the one at the end of “Rot Warren” start combat and use 2 grenades followed by tree hugger and a 6/7 damage shot on one, in the second round take similar shots on the other two and you should have 3 dudes at 1 or 2 hp just right for killing all 3 with one chain lightning.

Green fingers
Trap 10 enemies using ‘Tree Hugger’.

Very useful skill. It could have been trap 100 enemies and I would have gotten it without grinding.

The power of flesh
Possess 10 enemies with ‘Puppeteer’.

This skill is just great. It gives control of one enemy for 2 turns and you can freely use him and allows you to silently kill it when it expires. Alerts enemies if the target is inside their red circle. Does not work on zone dogs.

Om nom nom!
Use ‘Corpse Eater’ to interrupt a resurrecting enemy.

Easy to get as long as you remember about it.

Tastes like chicken
Use ‘Corpse Eater’ to eat a crew member.

Same as above.

Taunt a crew member who is under mind control.

While the taunt skill sound good on Bormin combined with his corpse eater I only used it once to get this achievement. Plutonia has mind control, maybe others too but her for sure, so give Bormin the helm of wisdom or have two mutants with taunt in your squad and wait for her to mind control someone.

Kills Related Achievements

Take out the Zone trash!
Kill 40 Ghouls.

You will get this at some point.

Decommission 10 ‘Mechanical men.

All but 6 of the robots in the game can be picked off one by one. Robots can be stealthily killed more than one at a time and in more than one turn. I think the robots in the Z series do not count towards this achievement.

Sent to the farm
Put 5 Zone Dogs ‘to sleep’.

Straightforward enough and the easiest of the kill x enemies achievements. Be warned they can leap to high ground.

Kill an enemy by making the Pyro drop his Molotov.

Not that hard. The first map you can get it on is “The Fallen Angel”. The enemy does not have to die from the Molotov being dropped, it can die from the subsequent 1 damage per round that it takes from being set afire and the achievement will trigger.

20 Seconds to comply…
Destroy a MIMIR Z600.

There are a few of these throughout the game and all of them can be killed silently.

Not-so-tactical nuke
Destroy a MIMIR Z800.

There are only two of these in the entire game and I can’t kill them loudly. When they detect you or when they first take damage they release two Z200 that can be killed by the z800’s explosion if close enough. They can be stunned like any other robot and this makes the fights with them lengthy more than anything. Circuit breaker, emp nades and the Elysium emp-50/Noatun emp-30 are your friends.

50 Shades of death
Kill Grey-One.

You will find him in “Lair of the Horned Devil” and as long as you have the best weapons available to you after clearing “The World Ender” at lvl 3 and with the right mutations and gear the fight is easy, sneak kill everything on the map that you can and this should leave you with Grey-One and a tank. You could leave the mimir z600 and a hunter/pyro to ensure you can loot El Generator after the fight , this will make the fight harder but not by much; place all your guys hidden on high ground inside the barn wait until Grey-One is next to the z600 and start combat, in the first round Gray-One goes down and the hunter activates the z600 and maybe takes a shot at one of your guys in the second round z600 goes boom and after that just mop up what is left standing.

Lights out!
Dish out some ‘Zone-style’ punishment to Lux.

Enter the basement at the back of his compound to make him hostile. Go back out and if you advance slowly you can initiate combat and stealth kill the hunter on the low ground then stealth kill the one on high ground on the left side and you can sneak your way to where the second hunter was; initiate combat and take down Lux in the first turn this leaves a pyro two butchers and a tank to deal with.

My bad
Kill a crew member.

Combine this with Tastes like chicken or just do not so great in a fight.

The Rest

Weapon smith
Improve 5 upgradable weapons to level III.

Just upgrade the three silent weapons a boomstick and the gun you find in “The Grogg Den” I have never made an exact count of all the weapon parts you can get but you can upgrade more than 5 guns to level 3. Late in the game you can buy a gun that is already upgraded to level 3 however I do not know if it counts towards the achievement and is quite expensive and also unnecessary.

Demo thing
Reprogram the Ghouls’ MIMIR Z600.

In “Lair of the Horned Devil” interact with the computer on the second level of the barn, you may need read the note about the z600 on the same map in advance.

Fitness club
Free the slaves from Lux’s basement.

Use the key from “The Uninlightened” to open the door at the back of Lux’s compound and go downstairs this also turns him and his crew hostile.

Tea Leaf
Steal from Roboshack.

I had to steal everything for it to pop. On a side note only 2 of the bots attack you.

50% Old Skool
Collect 50% of Pripp’s artifact wishlist.

Just collect every artifact you find and it should pop. Kinda hard to miss.

100% Old Skool
Collect 100% of Pripp’s artifact wishlist.

You have to get all the artifacts. There are 12 in total and 2 of them can be missed. For one (Lux’s Lights) on the map “The Castle of Light” do not give the key back and use it on the door at the back of the compound. For the second (El Generator) on the “Lair of the Horned Devil” map don not kill the Mimir Z600 robot stealthily and you should be ok. If however you did kill it stealthily then do not leave the map without triggering a loud combat so that one of the enemies triggers the robot activation cutscene, generally one of the 24 hp dudes near the artifact so leave one of them alive and after the activation scene/combat go search on the map for any remaining opponents kill them and you should be able to get it. I only managed to not get the artifact by stealthily killing everything on the map with the exception of the tank and Chief Grey One then leave the map and when I returned neither of them bothered to trigger the cutscene.

Pfft! Too easy!
Reach Eden in ‘IRON MUTANT’ mode (Any difficulty).

See QA have suffered!

Still too easy!!!
Reach Eden in ‘IRON MUTANT’ mode on VERY HARD.

See QA have suffered!

QA have suffered!
Reach Eden in ‘IRON MUTANT’ mode on VERY HARD without losing a crew member.

Know where to find the gear you need, do not be afraid to go on all available maps just picking up weapon parts and avoiding any fight you can’t end silently. The game autosaves after you open a loot chest also you can save any time you want by hiding your guys starting combat and moving without being spotted until the round ends and just exit combat. With judicious use of corpse eater you can end every map at full health except for 2 or 3 where I preferred to use Hog Rush on Bormin, did not use his stone skin even once. Puppeteer is mega op. If you can have high ground in a fight go for it and use crit scopes on characters with + crit chance from high ground. If you can afford to leave solitary dudes alive on maps to be able to reset skills cooldown in a pinch, also a kill reduces the cooldown of a skill even if the skill is not active but not if the character isn’t in the squad. Remember you have access to more than 3 character for your squad for most of the game.

Zone Master
Obtain all achievements!

Self-explanatory tbh.

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