Conan Exiles – Iron Shadows in the Moon Achievement

The Quick, easy way to get the most annoying achievement in this game, both the cheat and “legit” ways.

Cheat Method

  • Go into Single player, set up a custom game with an admin password, create character and begin.
  • Go to settings, type in your admin password.
  • Leave settings, go to your admin panel and enable fly
  • Press and hold ‘Space’ to float up into the sky
  • Do this for anywhere up to 3 minutes, this will cause the achievement to ping.

Legit Method

But I don’t want to cheat.
Okay okay, if you want to be “legit” about this:

  • Grab about 400+ Foundation pieces, ideally sandstone or something cheap.
  • Build a tower, jumping up to stay on top of it.
  • After about 300 of these it should ping, enjoy getting down!

You can also go to the volcano and try climbing up the very northern spire of it, you may require max grit and climbing gear!

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