Total War: Three Kingdoms – Secure Long-Lasting Allies (Coalition / Vassal / Alliance)

Have you been betrayed/backstabbed by your coalition members/allies/vassals too often? Is this really an a.i. bug or you have done something wrong? No more tears, this guide will tell you how to secure long-lasting allies/vassals/coalition. And it’s very easy!

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The Idea / Concept

When you play this game, you should think of it as if it’s a real-world situation, and as if all of the a.i. factions are real human players. Yes I know it is a game but believe me that the a.i. would do exactly what humans would do given the same circumstances. If for a moment you think the a.i. is too stupid or too naive to conceive certain thoughts, you are making a big mistake, and that’s why you have failed.

The main idea / Concept is:

  • Do what you would do in real life.
  • Treat the a.i. factions as you would treat real human players.

Always “Show Force” to Your Friends

One of the biggest mistakes human players make is leaving friendly borders undefended or weak. And they tend to focus their forces to hostile borders. Because they take for granted that their a.i. friends are cool. But in fact, they are fools for believing so.

And don’t take for granted that green relationship alone would guarantee your safety. Think about what human players would do if you play an online campaign with multiple human players, would they care if you are green with them? No! They will attack you any time they think you are weak on the borders. So, don’t be surprised if the a.i. act the same.

Please keep in mind that your friendly neighbors always keep an eye on your borders to check how strong or well defended you are. If they see that your borders are empty or undefended or weak for a very long time, they will perceive that you are also weak, and they will exploit your weakness if they think they have what it takes, or just break up with you because no one wants to have a weak friend.

Ideally, each of your walled settlement along the borders (both friendly and hostile) should have a full stack or at least half of a stack each. This is to make a clear statement to your friendly neighbors that you are capable of crushing them within a few turns, if they dare. And they will respect you more for that. Just like America and Russia are showing off their nukes.

You got to show your muscles, always! Even you have no intention to attach them. It’s called “Deterrent Tactic”.

Friends of Your Friends

Just like in real life. You would not want your friends to mistreat or upset your friends or your family members. Friends of friends and enemies of enemies are taken seriously in this game.

  • Always follow the news of who hates who, who is fighting who. Keep yourself updated on the current country situation.
  • Do not make treaties with factions hated by your friends (red icon).
  • Always check the relationship between the faction you are offering/receiving and your friends before accepting anything significant.
  • Avoid wars with factions liked by your friends (they are green toward each other).
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