BATTALION 1944 – Grinding Guide

In this guide i will explain how to grind in Battalion 1944 if you want to reach lvl 51+ in one day.
(of course you must be hard nolifer to get 51 lvl in one day but sometimes people just have too much free time even when they got a life).
You cant get banned for this or it cant get patched.
You also need a little bit of luck before getting the real GRIND.

Rule no.1

The rule number one is simple.
All you have to do for the start of your grinding is joining arcade mode.

Rule no.2

Rule number two is also simple.
Just keep playing the game (Best its at night where people dont play that much).

Rule no.3

Rule number three is simple but takes some times sometimes.
Its about how long can you stay on the server untill you are alone only with BOTs in the server.
After every other players leave/disconnects and you are all alone with bots playing then there is your way to start the grinding.

Rule no.4

Rule number four is about the modes itself.
You need to keepl playing the game with BOTs until you reach Capture the Flag mode.
The best map for this is Liberation. The reason why is because when you grab the enemy flag you can simply stuckit-like so BOTs cant reach it and here’s the magic.

Rule no.5

Rule number five is only about where to stuck the flag.
All you have to do is go to the A site and jump on the little house inside the plant.

BATTALION 1944 - Grinding Guide

And when you have done this here the grinding starts.

Rule no.6

Rule number six is the last rule to get your grind right.
(Or its also about your preference but this is only my opinion how it fitted my grind).
When you stay on A site close to backstreet you can actually kill the BOTs almost every 4-6 sec.

BATTALION 1944 - Grinding Guide

They always respawn from Axis spawn or the come from hedges.
And here you go. You can keep killing enemies as long as you want. And you can grind your level alone until you reach level 51.

The End

And thats all. Hope this guide will help you to reach your level faster.
Also if somebody already did this before me or there is a guide about this just ignore my guide then.
Here are some pics of mine when i was grinding a little.

BATTALION 1944 - Grinding Guide
BATTALION 1944 - Grinding Guide
BATTALION 1944 - Grinding Guide

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