Plague Inc: Evolved – How to Beat the Parasite

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This is how to beat the parasite on casual or normal (dat means that this guide works for casual or normal).

Gene Setup

No genes.

Part I

Parasitic lifestyle prevents DNA alteration from every day infection. Note: Allow Symptoms.

  1. Start your Parasite in South Africa.
  2. Build DNA Points to 30.
  3. Get Water Transmission 1.
  4. Get Water Transmission 2.
  5. Build DNA Points to 30.
  6. Get Air Transmission 1.
  7. Get Air Transmission 2.
  8. Build DNA Points to 100.
  9. Get Drug Resistance 1.
  10. Get Cold Resistance 1.

Part II

  1. Get Cold Resistance 2.
  2. Get Heat Resistance 1.
  3. Get Heat Resistance 2.
  4. Get Symbiosis 1.
  5. Get Symbiosis 2.
  6. Build DNA Points to 50.
  7. Get Drug Resistance 2.
  8. Build your DNA points until everyone is infected.
  9. Spend remaining points til you reach Total Organ Failure.
  10. Spend the rest on whatever you see fit.
  11. Get some popcorn…

Helpful image for step 9 (Part II).

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