MORDHAU – The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)

How to use the worst weapon in the game – The Carving Knife.
This guide will teach you how to finally get that living sculpture achievement.

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So you want to get Living Sculpture?

The carving knife is, with no exception, the absolute worst weapon in Mordhau. I resent this weapon and this achievement. However, I am a completionist and 10 carving knife kills are necessary in order to 100% the game.

The carving knife requires a lot of sacrifices and patience in order to make it even kind of work. You must be a peasant, so your gear and perks are restricted, and the only armour you get is a level 1 head piece.

The carving knife also does the lowest amount of damage in the game and unlike using your fists, there is no way to use a perk like “brawler” to improve the damage. Maybe there should have been a perk like “chef” which improved your damage with knives, however, the devs probably thought that would make getting this achievement too easy.

On top of having the worst damage, the carving knife also has the worst range. You pretty much have to be touching your opponent in order to hit them.

So, to summarize, you have to get 10 kills using a weapon with almost no damage, no range, and no armour… good luck.

The Carving Knife

Welcome to Hell! Here is your tool.

MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)
MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)

The carving knife is terrible, there is no getting around that. So in order to actually get any kills with it you have to be strategic.

Unless you are a parry god and are able to get an enemy alone with no interruptions, it will be very difficult to 1v1 anybody. Your best bet is to get a teammate with you and let them do all of the work while picking off the enemy when they are already almost dead.

Teammates will steal your kills 95% of the time because all of your teammates will out-damage you and out-range you, making them more likely to get a hit off on an enemy before you can get close enough. Therefore, finding a teammate to partner up with can be helpful, or it can result in you standing around not able to do anything while your teammate kills people.


With the carving knife, team fights are often a terrible idea as you will most likely be one-shot by the enemy or your teammates before you can get close.

Stealth is your friend as you are extremely fragile. You may want to consider the “rat” perk if you find this strategy effective.

Turn on the Full Gore setting and try to aim for enemies that are covered in blood. Being on the red team will help this as it is easier to see blood on blue players. When a player is covered in blood it means they are at low health so that will make killing them much easier for you. Trying to fight an enemy when they are at full gives them more opportunity to notice you or more chances for you to miss a parry and die.

Getting behind the enemy and trying to pick off low health players or archers can work, however, getting swarmed is always a possibility and when that happens you’re pretty much ♥♥ed.

Looking to protect yourself? Or deal some damage?

MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)
MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)

As mentioned, the carving knife has jackshit for damage. Most of its attacks are worthless and the highest damage you’ll be able to do will be to either stab an enemy in the head or throw the knife at somebody’s head. As usual when trying to get easy kills, aiming for already bloody or naked players will be easier than trying to fight some tank with a greatsword in full heavy armour.

Throwing the knife can be very risky though. During my time with the knife I hit more teammates than I did enemies. “Friendly” is another perk to consider.

Your Loadout

Your Perks

MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)

Being a peasant puts a huge limit on your point usage. It is likely you will only have 4 to 5 points free for your perks after meeting the other requirements for this loadout.

When I was using the carving knife, I had “tenacious”, “fireproof”, and “second wind”. However, if you want to focus on ganking or find yourself hitting your teammates often, it may be worth it to replace one of these with “rat” or “friendly”.

I really liked having second wind because I ran out of stamina very easily during fights. One good thing about the carving knife is that it has an insanely fast attack and combo speed so getting a quick hit in and recovering some stamina was very nice.

Your Armour

MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)

As a result of the peasant class, you are only allowed a rank 1 head piece for armour, therefore I recommend going for a more stylistic approach when designing your carving knife build. I went with the good ol’ Shrek for mine.

Your Weapons

MORDHAU - The Carving Knife Guide (Living Sculpture Achievement)

Having three carving knives is almost essential for this build. Throwing a knife and not being able to retrieve it will make it very hard to get carving knife kills if you only have one or two in your loadout. You will die a lot so you shouldn’t bother with bandages or any kind of back-up weapon, Each game I played trying to get Living Sculpture I ended with between 20 – 40 deaths.

Things to Note

Throwing your knives

Throwing your carving knives is risky. On one hand, it’s possible to do the highest damage that the carving knife allows by throwing it at somebody’s naked head, however, once thrown you cannot refill your stock of knives at a supply box. Always make sure to pick up your knives whenever you get the chance because the three you get are all you have for that life.

Friendship is magic

Having a friend who plays Mordhau will make this achievement a cakewalk. Although I believe that everybody trying to get this achievement should experience the pain and suffering it causes, you can always hop into an empty duel server and kill your friend 10 times. If you are looking to get this achievement more legitly, you can also have a friend join your team in Frontline and have them weaken enemies to help you get the final blow.

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