BATTALION 1944 – FaceIT Stutter / Lag Fix

How to fix stutter or lag caused by FaceIT.

Determining the Cause

If you’re having FPS fluctuations, also described as lag or stutter, there is a chance that it may be caused by FaceIT.

To determine if this is the cause, open your task manager when the game is running and click the small down arrow next to it to expand. If you see FaceIT is using too much CPU or RAM, there is a good chance that the issue stems from the FaceIT client.

The Fix

  • Kill all Battalion and FaceIT related processes from the task manager.
  • Launch run.exe file by simply typing run in the search function of Windows 10. Type in %appdata% and hit enter, go into the folder named Local and then the FaceIT folder.
  • Delete every file and folder here but not the main FaceIT folder.
  • Download and install theFaceIT client from the official website.
  • Sign into the client and have it running in the background once you launch the game.
  • While in-game go to the settings and then to the online tab.
  • Disconnect to your profile.
  • Go to matchmaking, choose your region, and join the game. The issue should be fixed.

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