Garry’s Mod – How to Decrease Your Gmod’s Size

This Guide will show you how to decrease your Gmod File size, It saved me upwards of 80 GB.

How to Decrease Your Gmod’s Size

This Guide Will show you how to Decrease your Gmod’s File size, It helped me get down about 80gbs, These Tricks will generally only help if you have been playing Gmod for a while or you have lots of add-ons installed.

How To Find Your Garry’s Mod Files

Right Click On Garry’s mod in your library and Select Properties.

Select Local Files and Browse Local Files.

And That is how you locate your Garry’s Mod Files.

The Server Folder

The “Server” Folder can be found by (From The Local Files Shown Above) Navigating to garrysmod > downloads > server.

These Files are all the add-ons you have downloaded by joining servers, my folder was almost 140 GBs in size.

Deleting These folders may have some slight negative effects like:

  • Seeing purple and black checkers on some sandbox maps.
  • seeing Purple and black checkers texture on some hl2 Weapons.

Apart from these things, When you try and load into a server you have played on before, it will take as long as it did the first time. This is downloading the files you need for that specific server.

This Step should only be used if you have played on lots of different servers but have recently started playing exclusively on one.

Redundent Addons

Redundant addons can occur when you are verifying the integrity of your game folders or have had an issue when you have had to download your game or some add-ons.

This trick helped me downsize by 60gbs.

  • First Navigate to your Gmod local files then opening.
  • Garrysmod > Addons
  • Right click > Select Sort by > Type > Ascending.
  • Delete All the folders with folder type .gma.outdated
  • These are unnecessary folders.
Garry's Mod - How to Decrease Your Gmod's Size
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