NieR: Automata – Crushed Nuts Farming

This Guide will help you to farm Crushed Nuts. You should played the whole game before with the mayor endings this guide have spoilers about the story!

How to Farm Crushed Nuts

  • First: Jump to a chapter where you can freely move around and after 2B died 🙁 like 17-01.
  • Second: Run to City:Cave then when you are down go to the Copied City when you dont know anymore where that is follow the left way until the way split follow the right path to an elevator when you take the other path you will land there where you fight adam and eve the first time. 
  • Third: take the elevator down when you are down go right there are some spheres kill them they will drop with a high chance some crushed nuts. 
  • Forth: Not enough? No problem take the elevator up UP WHY? you can look around but i didn’t found more of these spheres. When you are up again go short out of the elevator wait until the doors closed and the press the buttom to get down again the enemys will be respawned then.

Written by Red Flame Saber.

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