LifeAfter – Exploration Spots: Far Star City

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Far Star City

7 chest locations, 8 known spots so far.

LifeAfter - Exploration Spots: Far Star City

  • 1) The upper left corner, located on the left side of the house, can be found directly behind the house.

  • 2) The upper left 2, on the high tower of the valley, the mountain back slope, next to the road.

  • 3) The upper left 3, on the track of the playground roller coaster, first jumped up from the gap in the wall. Stand on the stone pillar high in front and jump on the track. Go along the track and go to the right, you will get the box.

  • 4) The middle treasure chest is at the bottom of the water, not necessarily at the location marked by the map, along the middle of the river, under the water.

  • 5) The right 3 school treasure chest, on the 2nd floor of the middle school, need to jump from the top floor.

  • 6) The right 2 treasure chest in the vicinity of the pothole, will be randomly refreshed, strange more, cautious.

Sorry, no picture…

  • 7) The last football field in the upper right, with an abandoned plane in the middle, jumped up from the bottom crack and walked into the cabin to see the treasure chest.

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