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Mouth Swamp

The Mouth Swamp has a total of eight treasure chest positions, mainly distributed in the tributary position on the right, with two treasure chests in the middle, and the last one in the high-grade area on the left side of the map.

  • First, there is one of the first ruins in the middle of the map where the player is returning home.
    It is a log cabin next to the aircraft evacuation point in the center of the swamp. It can be found in a room with no floor.

  • In the lower right corner of the old boathouse and the grass near the marsh junction, stroll around the place behind the box
    and look for it carefully.

  • In the waterfall at the end of the river in the upper right corner of Heiquan Town, there is an airplane above the cliff, which
    is very easy to find.

  • It can be found in the house near the Black Springs Pier. There are cabins under the Black Spring Pier, and there are
    strangers with torches walking around them. The boxes are on the floor of one of the houses, or on the top of the head.

  • There is a two-storey building in the town of Black Spring. There are wooden logs and candles in the doorway. From the
    side stone to the second floor, the box is on the second floor.

  • Looking for the river in the lower right of the map, the little friend can turn around in the river, remember to take the medicine.

  • The seventh box is in a house burned above the map. There is a wooden house on fire. Yes, it is in one of the houses.

  • This treasure chest is on a cliff above the valley in the upper left corner. Near the difficulty 5, there are two gunmen around,
    holding a good gun and killing them.

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