LifeAfter – Exploration Spots: Redwood Town

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Redwood Town

LifeAfter - Exploration Spots: Redwood Town

  • 1. Sunken goods: the above river is randomly refreshed.

  • 2. The guardian of the believer: the second floor of the chapel on the upper right of the guard

  • 3. Dangerous game: Near the iron hand on the right side of the mine, it is recommended to take a smoke bomb to take it casually.
    If there is no smoke bomb, it will be used by people or drones.

  • 4. Survivors are private: the guard’s house is randomly brushed (the house is too much and needs patience)

  • 5. The supply on the train: the map on the middle of the train

  • 6. Ma Wei Collection: The bottom left corner of the ranch is randomly updated inside a stable

  • 7. Strikes to help supplies: the assault to help the second floor

  • 8. Miner’s relics: inside the mine in the bottom right corner of the map

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