Full Throttle Remastered – 100% Achievement Guide

How to get all the achievements in Full Throttle Remastered.

Story-Related Achievements

Most of the achievements in ‘Full Throttle Remastered’ are story-related – you can’t miss them while playing the game from start to finish. And in most cases their description is enough to get you on the right track – in case of any difficulty, just refer to a walkthrough, even that of the original 1995 version.

One Final Offer…

Accept Ripburger’s Final Offer – you have no other option, of course

Ring Pull

Get your keys from the bartender – after putting a bar on his nose

A-Number One Polecat Honcho

Take Out the first Rottwheeler – hand and foot are good weapons as well

Trailer Trashed

Kick in the trailer door – Ben is very good with doors

Carry the Torch

Retrieve Mo’s welding torch – from Todd’s basement

Not So Tough After All

Pick the lock to the tower – yes, there are puzzles in this game!

Annoyed Floyd

Hide From Floyd – after trying to climb the ladder in the Gas Tower

OK, I’ll Put My Lips on That

Siphon gas from Floyd – so the mouth icon is not just for talking

Right in the Junk

Recover the forks from the junk yard – what a cute little doggie

Unnatural Causes

Listen to Malcolm’s last words – sad business…

A New Hope

Grab the Fake ID from Miranda – on the location where everything started


Get a hose to fix your bike – the hose is back

Torque Talk

Consume Father Torque’s wisdom – learn about the way to cross the gorge


Use the fertilizer to spin out Nestor and Bolus – poor Emmet


Use the Cavefish goggles to locate their lair – after defeating a Cavefish

The Spirit of Ricky Myran

Escape with Ricky’s ramp – fooling the Cavefish

Pure Evel

Launch over Poyahoga Gorge – now that was a sight

Invasion of the Bunny Snatcher

Snatch the bunny – here goes the first one…

Pull a Fast One

Get the battery from the minefield – poor Bunny

Hare Trigger

Sacrifice bunnies to get through the minefield – spectacular bunnycide

Taut a Lesson

Talk your way out of getting quartered – Ben used to woke up in worse


Kick the crack to open the secret passage – that was one rather irritating puzzle

What A Pain Threshold!

Make the Boom Boom Bros go boom – we won the Demolition Derby!

Burger Melt

Melt Ripburger’s vision of the future – no more mini-vans

Now Boarding

Get Ripburger into the plane – the end is near

Can’t Beat a Corley

Send up a gorge-ous death for Ripburger – how symbolic

Optional Achievements

Now, here goes the most interesting part – the achievements you get for optional actions!
Feel free to try everything yourself – or see the spoilers.

Burn-In Rubber

Save your screen from burn-in with 3D animated vehicles – just do nothing for a couple of minutes, and the screensaver (as well as the achievement) is yours

Not Puttin’ My Lips on That

Keep Your Lips Off of 10 Objects – just try to use the ‘mouth’ icon on any items

Minking Memories

Check out the photo of Uncle Pete – when at Mo’s workshop, take a look at the picture on the right

Know Mo

Finish all of Mo’s initial dialog – don’t forget to talk with Mo about everything before going out and starting fetching the three items for her

Angels with Dirty Faces

Keep talking to Todd – after knocking on the trailer door, do not kick it but try to talk with Todd about many interesting things

I Can Do That

Play a game of five finger fillet – when at Kickstand and before fetching a ride to Mink Ranch, keep asking Emmet to let you try that game with his knife until he agrees…

News to Me

Watch the entire news broadcast – when at Kickstand and before fetching a ride to Mink Ranch, keep looking at the TV news

Hard Tale

Look at the pic of Maureen and Malcom fixing hard tail – when at Mink Ranch, take a look at some pictures on the wall on the left

A Fistful of Fertilizer

Get the chainsaw with the fertilizer – you would probably get it anyway, but it is still possible to complete the game without getting this very useful item from a Vulture

Rabbit Ragu

Dice a rabbit in the engine fan – now that could be tricky as you have to have at least one bunny survived the minefiled at the end of the game (if not, load an earlier save). When trying to stop the fan in Ripburger’s truck, use that poor bunny in it

LOOMing Seagull

Kill the LOOM Seagull – when operating the machine gun in the last scene, try to fire it instead of switching it off. No seagull is actually visible (in a desert, yes), but it is the reference to ‘Loom’ of course

Burger Well Done

Defeat Ripburger without dying – do the final puzzle without any errors in a single try and rather quick, i.e. not falling into the gorge

Thank No Cats

Watch the bunnies overtake the credits – watch the final credits until the very-very end

Full Throttle

Unlock all achievements – the final achievement you get after getting all the others!

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