Tourist Bus Simulator – How to Make More and Quick Profit

Wondering how to make more and quick profit? Here’s the making profit 101 guide! You’ll learn how to quickly make more money in the game and expand your business.


Hey! So you want to know how to make profits in Tourist Bus Simulator? You’re in the right place! This guide is focused on players between level 2-4. Assuming you’ve already gone through the in-game tutorial and are familiar with the basics of the game (e.g. driving your bus around, refuelling, reapairs, etc. ) and location of the computers, if not, you should familiarize yourself with the basics first.

Getting Your Second Bus

We’re going to get your second bus! Exciting, right? After you’ve done some jobs you should have enough money to buy your second bus, second hand of course. Just the same way like you did it the first time. Go to the vehicles management and buy a new second hand bus. When buying a bus check for the prize and the state it is in, then make a choice based on that.

After buying your second bus pick it up at one of the three harbours on Fuerteventura.

Hiring Employees

So, you’ve now gotten your second bus, a few things are still left to make profit. To make profit from your busses you’ll need employees that can drive the busses for you. (No one driving the bus = No-profit).

I recommend you hire two drivers, once you’ve hired two drivers trough the employee book in the management room in your office you can assign them to routes. To assign a driver to a route it needs to be ‘certified’, meaning you’ll have to drive it at least once before one of your employees drives the route. Choose the most profitable route and assign it to your drivers.

Making Profit

After assigning employees to your busses and routes skip a few days ahead trough the calendar, and see how your balance has raised. Assign more routes to your employees. And at some point hire new employees and buy new busses, you’ll keep expanding and make millions within days!

Remember though: If you’re not driving you won’t gain XP, and hence you won’t level up.

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