Stardew Valley – Coffee: The Ultimate Crop

A short guide on the ultimate crop: coffee.


Coffee is probably the best crop available in the game. Unlike other crops, coffee plants drop theire seeds as fruits thus making it easy to get more of them. Other crops like the Ancient Fruit are more profitable but coffee is easy to cultivate.

Getting started

You can get your first bean from the Traveling Cart for 2500g. Keep in mind, coffee only grows in spring and summer. Now you just have to plant it like every other crop and wait for 10 days till it matures. From that point forward you can harvest every 2 days. The best moment to plant the bean is on the 1st of spring.


As soon as you harvest you crops plant the beans again.

All calculations are based on the assuption of 4 beans per harvest and 15g per gold. So this is an worst case calculation.

At the end of spring you will have 129 plants. If you max your profit by planting till day 45, you would have 13049 plants.

At this point you need to decide how many plants you want. If you stop planting after spring and stick to 129 plants you will make 92000g. 

If you reapeat this the next year with the same amount of plants you get:

  • 129*23*25*4-2500=175 520g

If you keep planting for an additional 2 days you get:

  • 197 plants and 131 780g profit

4 days:

  • 281 plants and 175 880g proft.

At which point you decide to stop planting is up to you and depends on the extand of your farm and sprinkler system. Remember to keep some beans for the next year.

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