AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Class Gear Guide

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What is Class Gear?

  • Class Gear can be equipped as a supplement to your main weapon.
  • When equipped, Class Gear skill and effects are activated.

How to Acquire Class Gear

  • 1) Annihilation – Hall of Fury Reward.
  • 2) Shop – Fine Gear Chests 2.

Class Gear Types

  • There are 4 different types of Class Gear.
  • Different type class gear will have different abilities.

Class Gear Special Options

  • Class Gear will have a random set of options based on its grade.
  • Here are the possible options for each grade.

** Rare weapons will have 1 rare option; Epic: 1 rare and 1 epic options; Unique: 1 rare, 1 epic, and 1 unique options.

*** Options can appear in Green, Purple or Yellow lines. Green represents low stats, Purple mid stats, and Yellow max stats.

Class Weapon Development

Class Weapons can be enhanced, developed, and upgraded in the same manner as main weapons.

  • Max Development: Lv. 30
  • Max Enhancement: +20
  • Upgrade: Same system as main weapons (upgrade possible once weapon’s max level has been reached). Upgrade stones can be acquired from Annihilation – Hall of Fury.

Only other Class Weapons and Class Weapon Essence can be used for development. Normal Weapons or Weapon Essences cannot be used.

Class Weapon Skills

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