Slime Rancher – Slimes on the Far, Far Range Guide

This is a guide to knowing a bit about the Slimes that are found on the Far, Far Range. The guide will contain spoilers but I managed to not add more than the slime spoilers themselves.

Pink Slimes

The pink slimes are the most common slimes that you will see anywhere. They aren’t harmful and they will eat anything (besides non edible slime food) making them the only omnivorous slime in the game, and because of all this the pink slimes are also the easiest slimes to care for.

Overall pink slimes have a friendly attitude that emit happiness and are super lovable and fun to be around!

Rock Slimes

Rock slimes are a blue colored slime with rocks on their heads that make up what looks like a crown. They only eat veggies, with the heart beet being their favourite food to eat. When they become aggravated they curl into a spiky ball and roll at you, so make sure to keep them well fed.

The rock slimes can be pretty much found everywhere, but they can be seen in alot of areas such as the Dry Reef, Indigo Quarry and the Glass Desert.

Tabby Slimes

The Tabby slimes easily resemble tabby cats, with their ears atop their head and a little striped tail on their back. They only eat meat, with the stony hen being their favourite to eat and they pounce and meow like domestic cats since they are apart of the feline slime group.

You can find the tabby cats pretty much everywhere such as The Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, The Ancient Ruins and the Glass Desert. They have mischievous characteristics which you will experience upon meeting them like stealing food, following you around occasionally and jumping really high, higher than most slimes.

Phosphor Slimes

Phosphor Slimes are lavender with a glowing yellow hue that appears in the middle of them and little wings on each side of their body. They only come out at night and if they are exposed to daylight they will disappear. The Phosphor slimes only eat fruit with the cuberry being their favourite.

The Phosphor slimes are gentle slimes that can be seen anywhere at night, including The Dry Reef, Moss Blanket, Indigo Quarry, Ancient Ruins and The Glass Desert.

Honey Slimes

The Honey slimes are golden brown coloured slimes with a honey like hexagon on their face. Honey Slimes are uncommon because they can only be seen in the Moss Blanket. Honey plorts attract other slimes more than other slime plorts and their diet consists of fruit with the Mint Mango being their favourite which could somehow relate to the sweetness of honey.

Boom Slimes

Boom Slimes are red and have cracked yellow lines over their body that resemble lava, they explode alot and afterwards they always looked dazed and confused and their colours fade. The Boom Slimes only eat meat with the Briar Hen being their favourite.

Boom slime explosions can deal damage and they explode more when they are hungry and agitated so make sure to keep them well fed. They can be found in areas such as The Moss Blanket, Indigo Quarry and The Glass Desert.

Rad Slimes

The Rad Slimes are bright green with a transparent green aura of radiation that glows at night. Their aura can expand and deal damage to you if you stay in it for too long. Rad Slimes diet consists of veggies with the Oca Oca being their favourite.

Rad Slimes can only be found in the Indigo Quarry making them an uncommon slime.

Puddle Slimes

Puddle Slimes are light blue slimes that resemble puddles, hence their name. They only reside in bodies of water like lakes and ponds and can be seen in The Moss Blanket, Indigo Quarry, Glass Desert, The Ancient Ruins and the Ring Island.

Puddle slimes are rare slimes and their diet consists only of water which makes them an easy slime to care for. They are also very shy so if there are lots of slimes nearby they will blush and not produce any plorts.

Hunter Slimes

The Hunter Slimes are a feline slime and also are relatively rare. They have ruffled ears on their head, a ruffled tail on their back and yellow eyes. They resemble a feral cat and they can also show feral cat tendencies. Hunter Slimes diet consists of meat with the Roostro being their favourite.

A unique characteristic of the Hunter Slime is that they can turn invisible which can make them difficult to spot where they usually reside, which is in The Moss Blanket and The Glass Desert.

These slimes can be dangerous when agitated, so be careful.

Crystal Slimes

The Crystal Slimes are dark purple slimes with glistening crystal spikes on them which can harm you. They also create crystal spikes on the ground so make sure not to step on them and they can also turn into a spiky ball like the Rock Slimes. The Crystal slimes diet consists of veggies with the odd onion being their favourite, which can only be grown with carrots making up about 50% of the veggie patch.

Crystal Slimes can be seen in the Indigo Quarry which makes them an uncommon slime.

Quantum Slimes

Quantum Slimes are yellow with a lighter yellow spiral on their face. They faze in and out of reality while producing ghost like forms that they teleport to when agitated. The Quantum Slimes diet consists of fruit with the Phase Lemon being their favourite which is a tree that looks like a hologram.

The Quantum Slime can be seen within The Ancient Ruins and The Glass Desert. These slimes are glitchy and not easy to care for.

Dervish Slimes

The Dervish Slimes are dark purple with planet like rings spinning around them so they resemble ringed planets like Saturn. Dervish Slimes can create mini tornadoes to help them get around quickly, but they can also produce big tornadoes when agitated so make sure to keep them well fed.

The Dervish Slimes diet consists of fruit with the prickle pear being their favourite. They can only be found in The Glass Desert which makes them an uncommon slime.

Fire Slimes

Fire Slimes are bright red with an orange flame ignited around them. They are similar to Puddle Slimes and their diet consists of anything if it’s incinerated and turned into ash. The Fire Slimes can only survive in ash troughs or else they will disappear.

The Fire Slime can harm you if you touch them so be careful around these slimes.

Fire Slimes can only be found in The Glass Desert making them an uncommon slime.

Tangle Slimes

Tangle Slimes are aqua greenish with a yellow flower perched on top of their heads. Their diet consists of meat with Painted Hen being their favourite. The Tangle Slimes have unique abilities like producing vines to help gather food and pollen when agitated.

Tangle Slimes can only be seen in The Glass Desert which makes them an uncommon slime.

Mosaic Slimes

The Mosaic Slimes have a stained glass like appearance over their body that glisten and shine. Their diet consists of veggies with the silver parsnip being their favourite.

Mosaic Slimes can be dangerous because they produce diamond like stars that fall to the ground and explode, so be careful while caring for these slimes. The Mosaic Slimes can only be seen in The Glass Desert, making them an uncommon slime.

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