FurryFury – Invincibility Exploit

Exploit with Babowacky on the Triangle, Purple Plant Map to win every game.

Easy Setup

So I feel like many people don’t even know about this, but on the map with the purple plants there are 3 hidden buttons.

FurryFury - Invincibility Exploit

Hitting all of these switches activates a circle near the fury bottle spawns.

FurryFury - Invincibility Exploit

While you’re inside this circle you are invincible. Now this alone is obviously not an exploit. And that’s where Babowacky comes in. His first abillity as many of you probably know makes him immune to knockback until he takes damage the first time on a turn. See the problem? While inside the circle you can not take damage and that means you neither get knocked back nor do you take damage and this last forever as there’s no reason for you to leave the circle. This is a huge exploit that lets you win everytime with Babowacky on this map.

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