Master of the Forbidden Sea – Basic Guide

Master of the Forbidden Sea basic gameplay.

How to Play

Navigating the Forbidden Sea

Following the direction the Compass of Destiny will always lead you to the next dive location.

The compass has a mind of its own, but will never point you in the wrong direction. Once you arrive at chest, the higher the level you are the more likely you are to find a chest with gold or an artifact.

Diving for Treasure

Dive to the bottom of the sea to find the treasure chest. Along the way, stay alert. You can fire the Harpoon gun by clicking on the button, pressing [E], [K], or by clicking on the creature you want to fire at.

Once you have found a chest click it to start the unlocking processes. The higher level you are, the more likely you are to find a treasure and the faster you are at opening chests.

It is possible to avoid fighting sea creatures, but very difficult to survive without fighting back.

Fighting Monsters at Sea

Eventually the unknown will catch up to you on the high seas, and then it will be time for the Captain to put his neck on the line for the crew in a fight to the death.

You can move around before melee starts using the [A] and [D] keys, and attack with the cutlass by clicking the button or pressing [E]. Click the Musket icon to fire it. It takes 30-seconds to reload.

The higher the level of your Captain the more accurate your attacks will be.

Crew are your captains hit points.

The more aggressive the tactic, the more damage your captain deals with the cutlass. Also, the more damage monsters attacks will be.

If you are low on crew, it’s best to set your tactic to FEAR. But you can always change tactics to WILD to perform maximum damage.

Shopping in Town: Cape Hope

You will need to return to Cape Hope often to sell artifacts, hire more crew, and buy food.

You can also repair the S.S. Midnight, get harpoons, and expand your ship storage here. Cape Hope is a small outpost colony with dedicated colonists who are mostly stuck on the island.

Note, the compass will NOT point to town. You will need to remember how to get back.

MotFS automatically saves your progress whenever you leave town.

Undersea: Passing the Point of no Return

Avoid entering the giant whirlpool at the center of the map, until the Compass of Destiny points you there. There is no way to escape the Undersea, until you have successfully collected your first artifact there.

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