Dark Souls 3 – How to Kill Iudex Gundyr Without a Weapon

This guide will teach you how to kill Gundyr (1st boss) without using anything in your weapon / shield slots.

Step 1: Be decent at the game

I highly suggest not sucking before doing this.

Step 2: Be good at parrying

For whatever reason, you can parry using your hands. You’ll need to get relatively okay at parrying before even trying to throw hands with Gundyr.

Step 3: Making your character

Name your character whatever you want. Make them look however you want. The only important things here are your class and burial gift. For your class, you are best off going with the Knight. As for your burial gift, use the Black Firebombs. Throwables don’t count as weapons for they are not in your weapon slot (for the sake of this challenge).

Step 4: Make your way to the boss

This is pretty self-explanatory. Go to the boss. It is good to get the bonfire along the way because you might not do this on your first attempt.

Step 5: Actually fighting the boss

On phase 1, do nothing but parry and riposte. After his jump attack, it also might be good to punch him a few times. On your first attempt, it will also help to punch him as much as possible before the fight actually begins, to get those useful extra hits in. Keep parrying and all will go well. Phase 1 is the easy part. Phase 2, however, if you screw up, you might as well start over from step 1 of this guide. Remember the Black Firebombs from before? Yeah. You need those. Chuck all of the Black Firebombs at Gundyr. Do not miss a single one. If you do miss, there are five firebombs down a path that you can pick up. Once you use all 5 black firebombs, the fight will most likely not be over. All you can do from that point is to punch him to death. You can also use the 5 regular firebombs to finish the job.

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