Brawlhalla – How to Play Ada (Ada Spam 101)

This guide is about the second spam master in the game, of course the first spam master being YeLlOw MaN. Be ready for lots of spamming and tips from a lvl 45 Ada.

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Ada is honestly S tier, her weapons and sigs are pretty good. She is a great pick in lower ranks but pretty good in higher ranks too. I mean I don’t wanna fight any Ada’s so think twice before maining her please. Ada’s price is 3,900 gold, which is pretty cheap.

Store Description: The shadowy corporation of a corrupt future trained Ada to be the worst thing that ever happened to them. (pretty badass if you ask me). 


Ada’s stats are pretty ok I guess

She has:

  • Strength – 6
  • Dexterity – 7
  • Defense – 3
  • Speed – 6

I would recommend to go with the defense stance since you never want 3 defense or if you are really crazy go with 7 strength and 2 defense and get bodied by a Xull (I can’t play this game). 

Weapons – Spear

One of her weapons is spear, a fairly long range weapon with attacks such as poking, hitting or spinning opponents. Also spear is the only reason I didn’t quit Brawlhalla yet.

Let’s go over the sigs:

  • Side sig: a quick and powerful slash with the spear. It’s a very quick option.
  • Down sig: Honestly I don’t even know, she just does breakdance with her spear. It’s the get off of me kind of sig, lots of active frames.
  • Neutral sig: This sig is annoying as f**k. It’s a two part sig where Ada jumps into the air and if she catches an enemy with her spear she will launch the opponent into F**KING HELL. 

Weapons – Blasters

Ada’s blasters are AIDS and a spammer’s dream.

I’m going straight to the sigs:

  • Side sig: Ada shoots green thing for lots of time. It has a lot of active frames and a lot of ko potential (i hate it lmao). 
  • Down sig: Ada shoots a green thing ball, goes backwards and shoots another green thing to trick the noobs lmao 10/10 would green thing again. 
  • Neutral sig: Ada jumps and shoots green thing under. Great for people trying to recover to the stage, not great on the stage.
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